Say Hello To The New 21st Century Volkswagon Beetle!

Volkswagen unveiled the long awaited 21st Century Beetle in Singapore, with an extraordinary car display that turns the Beetle into a social bug.


In addition to the Beetle’s new dynamic performance and evolutionary styling, the campaign gives consumers the opportunity to connect, interact and experience the car in a way that’s as unique as its character.


Tribal DDB – Volkswagen Singapore’s digital creative partner and the agency behind the creative idea – quite literally let the Beetle speak for itself when it wired up tech-wizardry that powered the Beetle to perceive human interactions and to respond to them in real-time.

The Beetle can differentiate between people and even understand and respond to speech – inducing a technologically advanced experience to anyone checking out the 21st Century Beetle. The Social Beetle captures sweet moments via hidden cameras and posts pictures of entertaining interactions on Facebook along with relevant and humourous comments that are extremely ‘LIKE’able and ‘SHARE’able.


The Social Beetle charmed over 1,000 Singaporeans on the day of launch and garnered over 34,500 impressions on Twitter while reaching out to over 6,000 users on Facebook.


Jamie Lee, GM, Marketing Communications, Volkswagen Group Singapore said, “The Beetle is one of the most successful cars ever. It has a strong personality and a very emotional appeal. We want consumers to connect with the all-new 21st Century Beetle on a social level, seeing it as more than just a car that brings you from place to place.”

Jeff Cheong, Head and Executive Creative Director of Tribal DDB Singapore added, “With the Social Beetle, our highest priority was to create a technologically advanced experience that felt very human – when you interact with the car, you’ll feel you’re interacting with a smart dude with a great sense of humour. It’s as human as it gets.”


The Beetle will continue to socialise with Singaporeans on the busy streets until 22 July.


The Social Beetle will be at Raffles City and Knightsbridge from 14 July to 22 July.

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