Raw Review: The Miggo Camera Strap. More Than Meets The Eye

“WRAP” & “STRAP”. Those are 2 words that aren’t commonly used in conjunction with each other. But for the MIGGO camera strap it’s second nature. Looking nothing like a camera strap, it’s sleek black fabric with a colored accent ,screamed “hipster” (not in a bad way).

MIGGO Strap Review - AspirantSG

But being more than a good looking camera accessory, I am pleased to report that the hours I spent with the strap were all comfortable. Ask any photographer who has been in the field covering a event for hours on end and one of the first thing’s they’ll complain about is the strain that a DSLR has on your shoulder. Now, I’m not saying that it totally eliminated strain, but it sure did make it more tolerable. And that in my book is a big plus.

MIGGO Wraps Around User - AspirantSG

Additionally, the other thing to note is it’s ability to do something that no other camera strap can. Which is to…”WRAP”. No, not like a MC , but more like protecting your all important camera should you be caught in a sudden downpour. To me, there was a slight learning curve to this. But once I got my origami like technique down, I found myself wrapping away like an elf during Christmas.

MIGGO Strap Wraps - AspirantSG

It also has the ability to fit many lens sizes.

MIGGO Holey - AspirantSG

So sit back and enjoy the little review we did of the MIGGO camera strap. And stay for the exciting “wRAP” battle at the end.

The MIGGO camera strap can be found at all Cathay Photo outlets in a variety of sizes and colors for both DSLR and M4/3 format cameras. 

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