Race The Dead 2017 Challenges You To Survive The Night Against Zombies!

Race The Dead will be returning after a one-year hiatus to offer you a whole new survival challenge! Race The Dead 2017 – Survive The Night, will take off in Singapore on 14 January 2017 (Saturday) at Sentosa Siloso Beach from 6pm to 11pm. Stretching approximately 4.2km along the beach area all the way to Tanjong Beach, the race route will be scattered with obstacles and hordes of zombies, waiting to take you and your fellow ‘human’ mates down!

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These hordes of zombies have adapted and turned the tables to test the limits of the human race. If you thought it was easy escaping their sight in broad daylight, think again. They know the terrain well enough to play to their advantage. The thrill of the race will start after last light. Escape more than just the zombie’s traps and clutches in their preferred darkness, battling between your survival instincts and the constant chills.

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Just when you think you can catch your breath, you’ll be greeted with a surprise route, adding more suspense to your fright night. Be careful which route you choose to take on, it may lead you to a dead end or it could take you longer to complete the race with more zombies within the zone.

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Before the start of the survivor race, you’ll have the freedom to choose between four different categories, with different race entitlement packs.

1. Health Pack – Basic (No-frills)

$49.90 per pax (Early Bird Registration), $59.90 per pax (Normal Registration)

Receive a racer pack containing, Event Tee, Race Bib, Drawstring Bag, Life Flags and Surprise LED.


2. Health Pack – Premium (Full Entitlements)

$59.90 per pax (Early Bird Registration), $69.90 per pax (Normal Registration)

Receive a survivor pack containing, Event Tee, Race Bib, Drawstring Bag, Life Flags, Surprise LED, Finisher Medal, *Survivor pin (only if you survive the race) and Banana Airbag.

* Team Discount – 4 Pax & Above (10% OFF)


Will you survive the night racing the dead? Find out for yourself and return with your own survivor tale to tell. Register at www.racethedead.com, and emerge as a survivor or be infected by the zombie this coming January 2017!


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