What You Should Do To Prepare Yourself For A Phone Reading

Good psychics can be few and far between. In the event that your chosen psychic lives far away from you, you don’t have to miss out completely. Since a medium draws on psychic energy, the distance between you shouldn’t matter. And, having a reading via telephone could be advantageous. As long as you know how to prepare for a phone reading, and choose a reputable psychic, you should have a positive experience. How do you prepare? Let’s have a look at that. 

Get Mentally Prepared

Start off by framing the reason for the reading. What prompted you to do this now? Do you have a specific question that has been gnawing at you, or is there

What’s on the mind that caused you to make an appointment for a reading? Spend a little time clearing your intention for the reading by focusing on what prompted you to set it up in the first place. Think of the questions you want answers to.

Phrase Your Questions Carefully

Asking questions that have a simple “Yes” or “No” answer only might lead to you having a disappointing reading. Let’s be honest, here, when you ask if you’re ever going to win the lottery, what you really want to know is if you’ll ever be financially secure or wealthy.

If you ask, “Will I ever win the lottery?” the answer will have to be “Yes” or “No.” Hearing “Yes” is the answer that you want, but it’s not the most satisfying one. After all, it could be two days or ten years from now.

A more probing question, like “What steps can I take to be more financially secure” is bound to secure you some useful guidance. And it is guidance that you are paying for.

Keep the Energy Flowing

It’s important to focus on your main issue, but also to be open to new issues that might be presented during the reading. Prepare for your reading by keeping an open mind. You want the best possible advice for your situation.

Sometimes what you deem most important is not actually going to be the cornerstone of the issue you are facing. By being open, and setting your intention about being open ahead of time, you allow for the possibility of learning even more.

This is also important when it comes to your preconceptions about how the session will run and how you will know if it is real or not. Say, for example, that you want to ask about your mom who passed recently and see if she had a message for you.

Manage your expectations – if she has a message for you, that’s great, but maybe she won’t. Also, if a message does come through and your mom doesn’t act in the way you expect, be careful of focusing too much on the way the message was delivered.

Let’s say that in life your mother always talked about the grandkids. In death, she might want to ask about them, but she also might be more focused on giving you a specific message.


Now that you have set your intention, and managed your expectations, you can make your call. Do make sure that you have a good line and that you won’t be distracted. From there on out, make the most of the reading given to you.

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