People’s Association Gone M.A.D With PAssionArts Month 2013

Fret not, our dear folks at People’s Association have not gone bonkers! M.A.D (Make a Difference with Arts & Culture) is simply the overarching theme for People’s Association (PA)’s PAssionArts Month 2013. This is the second year for PAssionArts Month (第二届百盛艺术节) and they are out to wow with 4 exciting themes and 47 PAssionArts Villages all over Singapore!

AspirantSG - PA PAssionArts 2013

Common spaces such as parks, malls, schools, community clubs and open spaces will be imaginatively transformed into PAssionArts Villages (非一般百盛艺术) – meaningful arts and culture venues for friendship building social bonding.

Every PAssionArts Village will be different because they are created by residents and local artists, different groups of arts lovers and professional artists and arts groups getting together to co-create creative, collective arts and culture experiences for residents to enjoy!

Of course, there were also collaboration with other government agencies like National Library Board’s Arts 101 and the Singapore Memory Project, National Heritage Board and National Arts Council to hype up the offerings at these PAssionArts Villages.

Other than the M.A.D theme, the other 3 themes are Artists-inspired PAssionArts (艺术家百盛艺术)Hearts PAssionArts (爱心百盛艺术) and Traditional PAssionArts (传统百盛艺术). This year, we will witness the celebration of local and professional artists as well as established art groups, arts with a purpose of including and benefitting the disadvantaged and a showcase of traditional arts from the various ethnic groups in Singapore.


Mr Ang Hak Seng, Chief Executive Director-Designate of PA said, “Art is an expression of ourselves, and its appreciation contributes to our quality of life. This year’s PassionArts has 3 unique features. First, we have involved professional artists who together with community artists are able to draw out individual expressions and facilitate the collective community imagination. Second, we involve all segments of society. We have involved seniors and the less privileged from the homes, who would normally not have the opportunity to participate in such activities. Last, we have emphasised the traditional arts as it is a good way for the older generation to share their passion with the younger generation, to build understanding about our common heritage, as well as to inspire the younger generation to embrace these traditional art forms.”

With over 47 PAssionArts Villages to choose from, one might get a little overwhelmed.

Here are 5 highlights that you should not miss:

1. Glitters Under the Stars (5.00 – 9.30pm, 30 March @ Jurong Central Park)

Join visual artist Jeremy Hiah as he creates a 2.5m tall art installation titled ‘Tree of Life’ in the park. Participate in his art workshop and learn how to transform used objects like water bottles, newspaper, cloth and even your old toys into flowers, animals and other works of art that will be displayed as part of this community art work.

Jeremy Hiah (Visual Artist)

There will also be Arts Corners for everyone to participate in arts & culture activities together with family and friends. Learn to turn little squiggles into animals and creatures in an interactive doodling performance, become instant actors in a theatrical production, play a percussion piece, view a photography exhibition, enjoy a story telling session or just dance and sing along to catchy tunes!

2. International Arts & Culture @ The Park (6.30 – 10.30pm, 6 April @ Tiong Bahru Park)

The highlight of the event will focus on ‘The Great Wall’ mural painting of the neighbourhood’s historical scenes, stories and legends. Illustrated through the art of drawing and painting, The Great Wall, will definitely be an attraction for the night!

Another crowd puller will be the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) performing with their 80-strong musicians to present their choreographed versions of the local music and latest K-pop songs. The various interest groups will also perform alongside the SCO to engage Youths, PMETs and families to sing and dance along to the night’s performances. The village will also feature international art exhibitions including various forms of paintings representing the various countries.

3. PAssionArts With a Thousand Hearts (4.00 – 8.00pm, 13 April @ Ang Mo Kio 3G Centre & Cheng San CC)

Themed ‘PAssionArts with a Thousand Hearts’, residents will get to enjoy and participate in a wide variety of arts performances and activities led by the seven CACCs as well as the various Grassroots Organizations of Ang Mo Kio and Seng Kang West.

Come take part in the Large Community Artwork Creation along with our resident, Mr Ho Ho Ying, who was the recipient of Singapore Cultural Medallion 2012.

Let Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Interactive & Digital Media take you on a journey on the digital arts side and experience pottery making with Jing Shan Primary School students!

4. Journey Towards Richness of Arts & Culture (7.00 – 9.30pm, 27 April @ Mega Sports Park, Woodlands Drive 70)

The event will be conducted to highlight the commonalities of arts and culture through a showcase of ethnic art and musical performances to signify that we are part of each other and share the same practice and beliefs in most ways.

The Chinese, Malay, Indian, Philippines, Thai and Indonesian ethnic groups will set up stores to showcase the different forms of ethnic art and musical instruments that are traditionally used for auspicious occasions. You are invited to try out Chinese Calligraphy, Arabic Writing, Sanskrit Writing, and many more.


Residents will have a chance to be hands on, where they’ll get to fiddle with musical instruments like the Erhu, Tanpura and many others that will be on displayed in the individual gazebos for residents to experience.

5. Kaleidoscope

Session 1: 6.00 – 10.00pm, 27 April @ Opposite The marketplace @ 58, New Upper Changi Road

Kaleidoscope is a celebration of colours through arts and culture in Bedok. Come join them in their PAssionArts Month celebration as we launch our arts and culture hub, the Bedok PassionArts Village at our neighbourhood park.

Community singers will light up the skies with the colours of their voices as they belt out everlasting classics.

Session 2: 10.00am – 5.00pm @  Bedok Neighbourhood Park, adj to Blk 15, Bedok South Road, S460015

Take part in a celebration of youthfulness and diversity as the villagers present the community to you through a different lens. View East Coast through the lens of their resident photographers at the ‘Living in East Coast’ Photography competition. Experience batik paintings, handmade crafts and create family tree collages with your neighbours. Be hypnotized by the beauty of the ever changing kaleidoscope of puppetry, dance, acrobatics and singing performances.

Take the experience to a “high” with a bird’s-eye view of the villagers’ colourful umbrella dance and the festivities through a DIY kaleidoscope from their gallery at the 14th floor!


Have fun checking out these amazing line ups and remember to share your experience in the comments section below!

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    WOW! That is a seriously good lineup. I’m sure the events will be quite popular & well-attended. 🙂

  3. Singapore has always been a great host anytime I’ve been there. Wonderful people and great sites with one of the best business climates in the world.

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    Sounds like an awesome project to encourage the creative folks. Gives them the chance to interact with each other as well as the public. I look forward to hearing about how it went in your next post.


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