PA Little Chefs Shares Hopes & Dreams For Singapore’s Future

Fuss-free cake making for children is no longer a dream with push- pop cakes. As part of the People’s Association ‘50.Taste’ campaign, 300 children from diverse backgrounds came together in a push-pop cake making competition, titled ‘Little Chefs Celebrate SG50’, to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday.

Little Chef Celebrates SG50 Singapore - AspirantSG

Before things get messy, these little chefs are tasked to pen down their hopes and wishes for Singapore on a photo folder. You would be surprised how serious some of our young folks are at this!

Writing Hopes & Wishes For Singapore - AspirantSG

Ta-dah, we are all done. Let’s start baking!

Children with wishes and hope for SG50 - AspirantSG

80 culinary art interest group members volunteered their time to guide these little chefs in their push-pop cakes making adventure. MediaCorp Artiste Ben Yeo also had some hands-on engagement with the little chefs.

Culinary Assistants helping the kids at Little Chef Competition - AspirantSG

Ms Grace Fu, Minister in Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for the Environment And Water Resources, Second Minister for Foreign Affairs and Advisor to Yuhua Grassroots Organisations attended the event and said, “I am glad to see that our children are given the opportunity to celebrate SG50, and through designing and creating colourful cakes, express their hopes and dreams for Singapore. Children are our future and we hope to encourage our children’s participation in social bonding activities from a young age. Baking and cooking courses, many with their parents, have been popular with the number of young participants increased by more than 40% from three years ago.”

Grace Fu At PA Little Chef Competition - AspirantSG

Besides cooking and baking courses, People’s Association will be holding over 800 courses for children and youths this June school holiday period. Some interesting new courses for children include ‘I Scream for Ice Cream!’, ‘Brazilian Fever – Junior Samba Reggae Dance’, ‘Say Cheese, Make Cheese, Eat Cheese!’, etc. These courses allow the children to fully express their creativity while picking up science, mathematics, sports, etc. in a fun and creative environment.

Ukelele Course For Kids Under People's Association - AspirantSG

‘Little Chefs Celebrate SG50’ is under the ‘Let’s Celebrate’ theme of the ‘50.Taste’ campaign. The People’s Association, in collaboration with the Panel of Activists for Community Engagement (PACE), will be bringing back the nostalgic “Taste” of yesteryears through a series of cooking courses and workshops conducted throughout the celebratory year under the 50.Taste project. With over 250 classes across the five themes (50 classes per theme) to reach out to 10,000 participants islandwide, residents can choose courses or workshops based on their taste buds.

People's Association Little Chefs hard at work - AspirantSG

Currently, there are more than 380 PA culinary art interest groups island-wide. Through the 50.Taste project, People’s Association aims to increase the number of culinary art Interest Groups to enable more residents to join our Interest Groups, to not only learn new skills such as new dishes, but also make more friends in the neighbourhood!

Culinary Assistants & Little Chef cheer for SG50 - AspirantSG

We look forward to more exciting culinary courses and activities from the People’s Association!

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