Online Shopping Tips For Digital Shopaholics

Shopping has been made far easier in the past few decades due to a dramatic increase in availability and ease of online shopping. Online shopping and e-commerce have become extremely popular in Singapore over the past few years, and Paypal has even estimated that Singaporeans will spend around $4.4 billion online by 2014. According to the International Online Shopping Survey of 2013, Singaporeans prefer online shopping because it is more convenient, there is a greater selection to choose from, and it is easier to find lower prices.

Since buying at the tip of your finger has now been easier and there are myriad stores to choose from, it’s important to protect yourself from regretting a purchase, buying from the wrong shop, or simply paying too much. We have therefore created this quick list of easy tips for avid online shoppers.

1. Avoid Purchase Regret / Buyer’s Remorse

If you see an item online that you’re really keen on buying, do not purchase it right away. Sleep on the decision (or even wait a week) to see if your desires remain as strong.

The International Online Shopping Survey 2013 claimed that 20% of online shoppers have admitted to purchasing items when they had too much to drink and regretting it the next day. So avoid sipping on a glass of red wine when you’re shopping online, or avoid the computer altogether after you’ve had a few drinks!

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2. Read Shoppers’ Comments 

Most online shops offer a comment service. Other customer’s descriptions & reactions to products can be invaluable.

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3. Find Shops With Free Shipping

The header says it all.

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4. Source Online Coupons

Remember the days when you used to scrounge newspapers and magazines for coupons? Now there are online services which aggregate these promo codes from a variety of online shops, for you to use for free. Singapore has a few of these websites, including which has the most extensive list of shops and discount codes in Singapore. For instance, if you’re looking for a coupon from Zalora, Flipit always has readily available coupons for this incredibly popular shop.

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5. Shop At Reputable Online Websites

There are a lot of dodgy online shops out there that can use your information in malevolent ways. Shop from big names and trusted sources, that way you won’t find yourself being ripped off or scammed.

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6. Buy Secondhand – Even Online!

Buying pre-owned apparel, furniture, and accessories can be fun, environmentally friendly, and fashionable. Luckily there are many ways to thrift shop online. Reebonz, for instance, has pre-owned bags, accessories, and watches and there is also a platform to sell your unwanted items as well.

For additional ideas, visit SassyMama’s guide to second-hand shopping in Singapore.

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7. Compare Online Retailers

If you find a product you particularly like at a given shop, google search the item and visit other web shops that are also offering it. Also, pay attention to other added costs like shipping fees, return policies and warranties – these all should factor into your decision-making process. Price Me is a particularly good comparison shopping site in Singapore.

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8. Follow Favourite Stores On Social Media / Newsletters

Online merchants love to share special deals on their social media pages and newsletters, so keep an eye out on these platforms to help you save even more. For special online deals, you can also visit Dealslands.

9. Do Your Grocery Shopping Online

Especially for items, you will need in bulk, online grocery shopping is fantastic, easy and good for price comparing.

10. Check Out Special Deals Websites

like Groupon,, and StreetDeals, all of which are based in Singapore.

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Are you a shopaholic online? Share with us your personal tips in the comments section below too!

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