Offering Bliss Makes Qing Ming Worship A Breeze In Singapore

Offering Bliss is catered to the busy professionals who believes in the importance of worshipping ancestors and wants a one-stop solution in preparing offerings for your ancestors! The service help to take care of your Qing Ming needs by offering you comprehensive offering packages to pass on your sincerity and well wishes to your ancestors. In return, the good folks behind the service hope that you continue to receive blessings from your ancestors. In other words, Offering Bliss is here to make your Qing Ming Worship a breeze in Singapore by delivering all your offering needs right to your doorstep!

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We Are All So Busy!

Most of us today are considered as professionals, with multiple responsibilities. We dress up to win office battles, we also want to win in our own lives! Out of office, we are children to our parents, parents to our children, relatives to extended families. This comes with the other family responsibilities. We spend long hours at work physically, even more mentally. We might still be at work mentally in our shorts and singlets!

So although we are all very filial descendants, we still want to look for convenient solutions for Qing Ming & even Lunar 7th Month Festive whenever we can!

What Is Qing Ming Festival About? 

For the benefit of some folks who may not be so familiar with Chinese traditions. Qing Ming (清明节), also known as Tomb Sweeping Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival where the Chinese honour their ancestors. The actual day is the 104th day after the Winter Solstice festival (冬至), which is usually on 4 – 5 April. This year, the Qing Ming falls on 5 April 2014. Offerings to ancestors are usually made ten days before or after the actual day.

This yearly affair see families, including extended uncles and aunties come together to make offerings to their ancestors. You will be surprised by the elaborate offerings prepared by some families which includes a feast completed with incense paper and accessories for their ancestors. After the offerings are made, family members help themselves to food on the offering table. It is believed that the food offered has been blessed by the ancestors for luck and prosperity. Many families take this as the second gathering of the year after Chinese New Year.

Why The Need For Offerings

Ancestral worship is a common practice among Chinese, mostly Taoists. Due to the belief of an after – life and the process of reincarnation. Taoists believe that when one passes on, he/she will be brought to the netherworld to begin the after-life in the form of spirits. The spirits should continue to bless their descendants and seek reincarnation into the next life.

We pray in the hope that our ancestors will continue to bless us and to help them seek reincarnation. Offerings usually comprise of food and accessory items such as incense paper and garment. Typically, offerings are made to the ancestors during Qing Ming festival and the 7th month of the lunar calendar, and most importantly, the death anniversary of the loved one.

As the offerings are made to spirits, there are usually two 20-cent coins to confirm if the ancestors are here to begin the offering, and at the end to confirm if they are done with the offerings. When the coins show opposite faces (ie. Head and tail), it is a go-ahead!

It’s all coloured paper, where to start?!

Yes, we have the intention to make offerings. We are very committed… but… how to start? Our parents were the ones who did it. They have been grumbling for ages that we, as the younger generation should pick up the baton and do it… but… we are just not interested in the technicalities. Ok, just pray, burn and eat. That’s what we know. Fret not, there is now a modern solution to this problem… you can outsource this to Offering Bliss!

4 easy to follow packages have been prepared for you to just pick and go! Auspice, Bliss & Fortune Packs are prepared for ancestral worship while Guardian Pack pays tribute to the Guardian God for preserving the serenity of your ancestor’s resting place.

To learn the step by step procedure on how to lay the table and pay respect, please click here.

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Time To Start Shopping!  

Here’s 6 simple steps to make your purchases:

Step 1: Select your preferred offering packs at the Packs Section Under Shop.

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Step 2: Select & add Guardian Pack to your shopping cart.

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Step 3: Visit our Top Up Section to add ala carte items to your shopping cart

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Step 4: After selecting your purchases, please proceed to check out.

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Step 5: Input particulars, select preferred payment method and indicate your preferred delivery slot in the Order Notes.

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Dates28 March29 March30 March
4 April5 April6 April
11 April12 April13 April

Step 6: Click ‘Place Order‘ & a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.

Their friendly staff will contact you 1 to 2 days before the stated delivery date to confirm the order and delivery. But do note that Offering Bliss reserve the rights to change delivery timing and orders need to be made at least 2 working days in advance.

So what are you waiting for? Qing Ming is coming up in a week’s time, visit Offering Bliss and make your orders today!

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