Mr Jones’ Orphanage – Dessert Haven For Kids Of All Ages

After our hearty brunch at Roast Coffee & Eatery, we took the stairs down to Mr Jones’ Orphanage. Although the name sounded sad and a little creepy (the row of mist-spewing gargoyles at the entrance did not really help), this quirky cafe serves awesome cakes and is a pure heaven for children of all ages which *ahem includes me and my cousins!


Although the cafe serves brunch as well, I will strongly recommend brunch elsewhere and leave lots of space for desserts, cakes and coffee here.


The magic starts from the moment you open the front doors. Welcome to the whimsical world of Mr Jone and his orphans – the adorable teddy bears placed at random on the cafe seats.


My heart nearly missed a beat when I saw the cake pedestal. The breathtaking selection is enough to satisfy any kind of sweet tooth, whether you are into cheesecakes, brownies, scones and the list doesn’t stop there.


Everything you see if available for your picking (with a price of course unless you are there with your daddy or mummy).


The table tops that surrounds the central cake pedestal are filled with other wondrous creations.


Can you imagine yourself feasting on an Oreo Pizza?


As we were choosing our cakes, we could see the pastry and dessert chefs hard at work.


Once our orders are taken, we got to decide if we are having cake at the playground or the attic.


Ironically, the playground was actually where all the adults chill out. Smack right in the centre of the playground was a Merry-Go-Round with tall, majestic chairs instead of the usual wooden horses.


The four of us cheekily decided to head up a narrow flight of wooden stairs and explore the attic. The space upstairs seems to be made for midgets! We had to walk on fours and stay low so that our heads won’t hit the ceiling. The exploration process was pretty thrilling and it felt like we have just found a “secret hiding place” to call our own!

photo 1

Low sofas and tables are placed at various nooks and corners. Toy soldiers, library books and plush toys were deliberately scattered all over the dimly lit attic as though as children has just ransacked this secret hideaway.

photo 3

The ceiling was decorated with letters and messages to parents. Some of them were pretty entertaining!


You get to experience a bird’s eye view of the dessert and cakes spread from the attic.

photo 2

If you have yet to decide your drinks or need more cakes, the menu blocks are conveniently located on the table for your reference.


It didn’t take long for our drinks to arrive. Our care-keeper thoughtfully reminded us to brush our teeth after we had our sweets.


The owner of this sweet little café has successfully created a magical, carefree world that we all used to dream of when we were kids. Unfortunately, when we grow up to become working adults, the real world is often not as pleasant.

Earlier this year, a young employee who started off as an intern in a Singapore IT company was verbally abused and repeatedly slapped by his boss. This young employee was paid a meagre salary and toiled till late hours for fear of offending his supervisor.

Families of low wage workers, struggling to feed their children and send them to school, are facing delays in their breadwinners’ pay increase. Employers refuse to co-operate with the union to raise wages, and customers prefer to outsource their social responsibility by cheap-sourcing instead of best-sourcing.

Workers who ‘don’t fit the optimum profile’ such as older workers, working mothers, non-degree/diploma holders etc face discrimination and lack of job security due to employers overly preferring cost-effectiveness (cheap foreign labour?) and do not value their workers for their unique individual abilities.

Oftentimes, the public easily blames the government and NTUC the union for not doing enough. But a recent slew of articles on mainstream media and online show otherwise, that it is the employers and customers who are getting in the way of better jobs and better pay.

It is not a piece of cake to simply wave a magic wand and create a better world, but it takes social cohesiveness on everyone’s part to make this possible.

Talking about cakes, our Chocky Mud Pie (135 Baht) was served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the side. The mud pie housed hot piping molten chocolate underneath its soggy crust. You have to eat it while its hot else the solidified chocolate lava will become doughy, heavy and get stuck to teeth easily.


We also ordered a slice of Red Velvet Cake (135 Baht). It looked pretty and all but I have tasted better at The Fabulous Baker Boy


Mr Jones Secret Chocky Cake (120 Baht) was my personal favourite! I adore its rich, creamy texture and a crunchy base.


Oreo Pizza (50 Baht) was ordered more for novelty. It is basically mashed oreo cookies wrapped around by a crunchy layer of solid sugar icing. We left it alone after a few bites….


I would definitely recommend a visit to visit to this quirky cafe. I absolutely love the whimsical wonderland concept. They have an amazing galore of desserts and cakes but I must caution that they don’t taste as good as they look. If you are keen to visit the cafe, here are the full information:

Mr Jones’ Orphanage

Address: G/F Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13 Bangkok, Thailand

Operating Hours: 10am to 12am Daily

Tel: 66 2 185 2378


Facebook Fan Page: Mr Jones’ Orphanage

Instagram: @mrjonesorphanage

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  1. Cool concept but looks really out of place. Can get there by train and walking?

  2. Jermaine

    Super cute cafe, luv it!!


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