How To Enjoy Homemade Food When Traveling In The US

It is crucial to stay healthy while you are on vacation, and there is no better proposition than to take your own homemade food while traveling. This saves you from two concerns- you do not have to try recipes that are prevalent in the area of visit, and it also saves a lot of money. While in the US even though you can find nationwide gourmet foods according to your preferences, yet you can try these homemade options to satiate your untimely hunger calls.


Salads, freshly cut, and mixed with spices can be carried in airtight containers that can last for a long time. They are very healthy options, and if you are counting your calories then this is probably the best way to avoid junk. A Broccoli-Bacon Salad is often a favorite in the picnic groups and you may make it by adding chestnuts, cranberries, bacon, broccoli with spices like minced cloves and garlic, sugar, cider vinegar and some low fat mayonnaise.

The Three-pea salad is also another healthy alternative having the three kinds of peas as prime ingredients- snap peas, green peas and snow peas. In this recipe, you might need to use some sour cream. Add sautéed minced shallot, vinegar in virgin olive oil, to the three kinds of boiled peas, each around half pounds and to this add about one tablespoon of beaten sour cream. Add salt and pepper and see how it satisfies you long enough throughout your sightseeing. If you are not very sure of how to find the ingredients, just chop some fresh vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and cucumber. Enjoy it with some salt and pepper. If chopping is a problem, eat cherry tomatoes till you are full.

Caked and Baked Items

While traveling pack some dry crackers and biscuits made of whole grains. Homemade cheesy crackers, brown rice cakes, banana muffins, peppermint patty brownies and peanut butter blondes even though often used as sweet dishes but can be carried along with you. Mix all the ingredients of a cake and peanut butter, unsalted butter, chopped salted peanuts and peanut butter chips and then bake it. They can give you a lot of energy!

Sandwiches and Mixed Items

There are varieties of sandwich recipes but here are some exotic ones. The Ham and Gorgonzola sandwich tickle your tongue with the mix of flavors from the ham, sweet fig jam, cheese and spicy arugula leaves. If this seems somewhat complicated, try the simple turkey sandwich with a dash of lemon mayo and spinach leaves.

For the vegetarians, you can try some cheddar cheese sandwich. Add cayenne pepper, horseradish, dry mustard, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce and red pepper to grated cheddar cheese. Fill it in between firm breads and enjoy them. The same filling may be put into burritos with some Mexican salts.

Simply mixing different kinds of (rice and corn) cereals and dry fruits can offer a great snacking option. Try this innovative mix- add boiled barley to walnuts, parsley and salty ricotta bits. Add some grated cheese to it with some garlic powder. Mix it evenly and toast it in the oven. It is now ready to be carried along with you.

Take Advantage of Online Marketplaces

While you are touring in the US, you might plan for mail order food as there are quite good online marketplaces out there. If you want to order cheesecake online or order BBQ brisket online, or some homemade food for your sojourn, you can approach that has been serving weary travelers with their choices of food for over a decade now.

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