Can You Trust Google+, Facebook Or Hibe With Your Information?

This interesting infographics from Hibe compares the status quo concerning how social networks such as Google, Facebook and newbie Hibe handle our information.

You will be surprised by how little you know about these social networks’ revenue model, the amount of allowance they offered you to manage your online identity, their respective approval flow for photo tagging right down to the account deletion process.

Please share with us your verdict in the comments section once you have fully digested the information presented below.

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  1. This is a rather intriguing post I must say! Just like you mentioned, not many people are aware that their information are being shared and on the Internet where social networks are intertwined, access to the personal information of others is truly at one’s fingertips. Then again, some people don’t really mind sharing too much information about themselves and can’t be bothered with how social networks share their information. For them, whatever is popular is good.

    • Hi Melvin,

      Thanks for reading my post!

      Glad you find it interesting. With the social sharing, people nowadays are less careful with their personal information.

      I have checked out your blog too! Love the Legoland post. So many photos!

      Me & my friends will be heading there early next month, may be getting the promotion from Groupon.

      Btw, will you be keen to be my guest blogger? Read for full details!


  2. With everyone wondering about privacy issues on Facebook, this blog is extremely relevant.


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