Hokkaido BAKE CHEESE TART Opens 2nd Store At Westgate, Singapore

Fans of the popular Hokkaido BAKE CHEESE TART who lives in the western region of Singapore no longer need to get their fix in town! BAKE Inc. will be delivering their freshly baked cheese tarts at its 2nd store in Westgate Singapore following the first store’s immense success, where the number of cheese tarts they sell in a day reaches 6,000 during peak periods!


Yes, in just under 6 months of the first flagship store’s opening at ION Orchard, BAKE’s 2nd store in Singapore will open for folks living in the west at Westgate, #B2-04, starting 17 October 2016.


To thank their customers for their continued support, BAKE will also be giving away original BAKE tote bags exclusively to the first 50 customers per day who purchase 12 pieces (2 boxes) of cheese tarts. This will run for one week from the opening date.


Jason Koo, a local, will be overlooking the BAKE cheese tart stores in Singapore as the newly appointed BAKE Confectionery CEO. With Mr. Koo at the helm, BAKE plans to further improve and expand their business in the local market.

BAKE currently has a total of 23 stores, 14 stores in Japan and 9 stores in the rest of Asia including Hong Kong, Seoul, and Bangkok. Westgate will be the tenth store outside of Japan.


Says Mr. Shintaro Naganuma, President and CEO of BAKE,“From Singapore, we can reach out to many different countries. Tourists from around the region and world often come to or transit in Singapore. Also, Singaporeans often post their reviews on the internet and social media, so information about our cheese tarts will reach shores beyond Singapore.”


BAKE CHEESE TART’s story started in Hokkaido, Japan. To date, they use cream cheese from Hokkaido in all their cheese tarts. To achieve their goal of providing their customers with “The Best Cheese Tart Ever”, BAKE CHEESE TART specialises in only one product – cheese tarts – and pours their heart and soul into perfecting these delectable treats.


The cheese mousse is created by blending three different types of cream cheese together – two from Hokkaido and one from France. The pastry goes through a two-step process which leaves it with a distinct crumbly yet fluffy texture. They come together to form a flavour that is uniquely BAKE’s.


Each cheese tart will sell for $3.50, and customers can buy six at $19.50. Go grab yours today!


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