Historical Bang Rak Food & Cultural Tour Part 3

After trying out Curry Lava Eggs and Tom Yam Noodles that are fit for royalty, we found ourselves back on the main street of Bang Rak. Our next food stop on the itinerary was a modest looking bakery and coffee place which was supposedly famous for its exotic Thai Style Green Custard Bun!


The delicious smell of newly baked confectionery hit us the moment we stepped in and the cool air-conditioned interior was a godsend.


Our tour guide quickly settled us down and each of us were given a cute little food package that contains a Thai Style Green Custard Bun and


a Thai BBQ Pork Bun.


The Thai Style Green Custard was actually Kaya in local Singaporean term. The taste is pretty similar to what we have in Singapore just that it commands a slightly more milky texture.


Compared to Singapore’s BBQ Pork Buns, the BBQ Pork in our Thai Buns were in relatively larger chunks, slightly sweeter and unevenly distributed. There were some mouthfuls where you only get to taste the dough.


Besides these 2 signature buns, the bakery also sells a variety of confectionery snacks and bread spreads.


This was the same chilli sauce that was added to my Tom Yam Noodles! Thais love their chilli so much that they actually use it as a spread for their bread! After making purchases, we left the comfort of air-con for our next cultural stop – Assumption Cathedral!


We were in awe of the cathedral when we first saw it. Loved its red brick exterior and the two tall square towers that flanks the main entrance. It’s little wonder why the cathedral is a popular wedding venue for many young Thai couples. In fact, there was a wedding during our visit hence we were unable to tour its interior.


Being the principal Roman Catholic Church of Thailand, the cathedral was visited by Pope John Paul II during his trip to Thailand in 1984.


Lovely greens adorn its side doors. The cathedral is open daily for worshippers.


Along the way to our final food stop, we passed by a monument for King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, who contributed greatly to the progress of Thailand in modern Thai history.


Our final food stop was a posh restaurant owned by a descendent of Thai Royal Family. This 40 years old restaurant is really popular with the locals, particularly during weekends. The ground floor was fully packed when we reached there at around 1pm in the afternoon.


The hero dish here is Original Thai Curry Served on Roti! It is very similar to our Indian Roti Prata commonly served in Singapore.


Unlike Singapore’s Indian curry, the curry served here was green in colour and offered a sweet lingering taste. After hours of cooking in the curry, the chicken was tender and flavourful.


The sweet ending to our 3 hours food & cultural tour came in the form of Thai Style Coconut Ice Cream. More sorbet than ice cream, this icy delight evoke a stimulating, fresh and reviving sensation to the tongue.


Me & my friend were really glad that we came for the Historical Bang Rak Food & Cultural Tour organised by Bangkok Food Tours. It will be close to impossible for us to discover all these amazing landmarks and great food on our own. We will definitely be back again to experience their other tour packages.

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