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Traveling for pleasure is mostly regarded as a relaxing activity – that magic moment when you can leave all your worries at home, discover different cultures, visit exotic places, meet new people, experience new food and try exciting activities.

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However, traveling has its risks too. The preparation of the trip itself can be stressful and once you have reached your destination, unexpected factors can turn this potentially wonderful experience into an unpleasant one. Being in an unknown environment, having to adapt to a different climate, dealing with jet lag and encountering language barriers can make even the most common situations unnecessarily complicated. Unexpected medical issues, improper eating and lack of exercise can ruin even the best intended trips.

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With a little pre-planning you can avoid potential trip-ruining obstacles. When it comes to health and wellness during a trip to Japan, there is a truly helpful resource that provides peace of mind for your entire trip. is one of these great resources that anyone planning to go to Japan should know about. This service is specifically designed for English-speaking visitors and residents in Japan.

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Though Japan ranks high among the most developed countries in the world and great medical and wellness options abound, access is not as easy as you might expect. One of the main reasons is the language barrier. To overcome this hurdle, the multicultural team of experienced travelers behind HealthyTokyo have applied their knowledge of the Japanese health and wellness industry to come up with a very handy website and app. Whether you are visiting the country for holidays, business or moving permanently, you will be happy to know about this unique service.

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A guide to the best health and wellness providers in Japan is really easy to use. Free registration provides you access to the main menu where are displayed three categories:

Medical Partners: English-speaking doctors and dentists.

Wellness Coaches: English-speaking personal trainers for fitness, personal development and lifestyle improvement.

Healthy Partners: a variety of health and wellness experts such as organic food providers, healthy restaurants, therapeutic massage providers, gyms, spas, organic beauty salons and many others.

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The HealthyTokyo team carefully selects each of their partners and takes time to create a detailed page for every one of them. On these pages are displayed all the useful information you will need about each partner, such as their area of expertise, language spoken, contact info, access, offerings and more. Also, on HealthyTokyo’s own blog are regularly published unique and informative articles about the Japanese healthcare system and the latest health and wellness trends in Japan.

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Premium upgrade

For those who would like to fully benefit from the HealthyTokyo experience, a premium membership plan is available. This plan features a bilingual Healthy Concierge who will help you find the health and wellness places you are looking for anywhere in Japan and make appointments for you. Premium members also receive promotional offers from the partners like discounts and free trials.

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HealthyTokyo was designed to simplify and enhance an English-speaker’s life in Japan by making their stay as healthy as can be. It is free and easy. So have a look around and join for your next trip to Japan!

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