French Cuisine – Kopitiam Style

Was torn between French Cuisine & the chance to catch up with a close female friend of mine for a casual Friday dinner. She wanted to go for a foot massage in Chinatown cos she is having her period. How on earth will a foot massage ease your suffering? She replied it just makes her feel better overall. Shortly after, another Whatsapp msg announced that she will not be joining us for dinner. Hai..ladies behave in such odd manners during their period. With her out of the equation, we made the beeline for Le Cuisson – affordable french cuisine in a modest coffee shop setting.


There were only 3 guys managing the stall when we ordered. One doing the serious cooking behind, the 2nd guy doing the stock replenishment and Wilson Ang, the chef manned the cashier & did up the finishing touches and garnishes for the dishes. They seem a little overwhelmed by the orders and it took around 5 – 8 minutes before Wilson is ready to take our orders.


Here’s the quick view of their menu & prices:

Selection of Artisan Bread

Half Portion ($4) or Full Portion ($7) comes together with French butter & Smoked Sea Salt

Mushroom Soup

Roasted mushrooms, Chicken Stock, Truffle Sea Salt Cream ($5)

Salade and Appetiser

House Salad consisting of Mesclun, cherry tomato, Slice Cucumber) ($2)

Foie Gras Salad consisting of Pan Seared Foie Gras, Mesclun salad, Orange reduction, sour apple ($10)

Potato Salad with Bacon Bits consisting of Skin on red skin potato salad, mustard, Sour Cream, Bacon Bits ($4)

Pork Head Terrine consisting of Tête Pressée: Pork head, purple onion, parsley, mustard ($6)

Pesto Capellini consisting of Capellini in basil and cilantro pesto, green radish, sweet turnip, bacon bits, tobiko, truffle mist ($6)

Main Course

Blackmore Wagyu Steak (Full Blood Wagyu) with mesclun & salad, pomme puree, truffle mist ($29)

Grilled 150 Day Grain Fed Angus Steak with Mesclun & Salad, pomme puree, Green peppercorn sauce ($14)

Chicken Roulade with herbs and spices, pomme puree, a mélange of roasted vegetables ($7)

Mushroom Pasta Penne with Roasted Mushroom, Parmesan cheese ($8) with Truffle Oil Add-On Option ($1)

Lamb Stew with Merguez Sausage ($14)

Side Dish

Roasted Corn ($4), Roasted Mushroom ($6), Sauté Broccoli ($4), Sauté Brussels Sprout ($5), Truffle Mash ($5)

Customers have to self-collect their order at the estimated time given by Wilson. I personally feel that they should engage a server. Not that I am lazy but if a customer turns up significantly later than the actual ready time, the dishes will be left waiting at the counter. This may not do justice to the good work done by the chef.

We ordered the full + half portion of their Selection of Artisan Bread for our table of 4 which turns out to be a little too much. The bread was served warmed & french butter melts readily into the soft bread. Not outrageously amazing but decent enough.


The roasted mushroom soup was well textured and a little salty. Probably due to the use of Truffle Sea Salt Cream.


For our mains, we went straight for the meat dishes. 3 of us had the Grilled 150 Day Grain Fed Angus Steak (cos the Blackmore Wagyu Steak was out of stock) comes with Mesclun Salad, pomme puree, Green peppercorn sauce. The beef was a good mix of lean meat & fat and goes really well with the sauce.


I would have preferred my beef to be medium rare but the chefs have decided to standardise all beef treatment to medium. Not too sure why. One of my friends further commented that the Truffle Salt was more prominent when he patronised the stall for the same main a few days ago.

The Lamb stew with Merguez Sausage was delectable. The lamb was ultra tender, it flakes with a fork and melts in your mouth. The sausages were a little salty but delicious still. The portion, however was quite small for a guy hence must order the artisan bread. Keen to try making sausages at home, here are some of the best sausage stuffers for considerations.


Overall a pleasurable dining experience where we enjoyed quality french cuisine at very reasonable prices.

Here are the details for this neighbourhood French Stall:

Le Cuisson

Address: Blk 269B, Queen Street #01-236 S(180269) | Opening Hours: 11am – 2pm & 5pm – 8pm (Tues – Sun). Chefs rest on Monday | Website: | Email: [email protected] | Facebook: LeCuisson

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