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In a turbulent and ever-changing world, there are plenty of reasons to worry about the location and safety of those you care about most. A mom may be wondering where her children are and why they are not back for dinner after school. At the other end of the island, a family may be on tenterhooks trying to find out the whereabouts of their missing grandmother who has dementia. Even young newly-wed couples separated by business trips can find comfort know that their other half is resting safely in the hotel after a day of work. These are the reasons why Folr, a geo-location tracking application for loved ones is launched.

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Welcome To Folr

Folr is a brand new location-tracking mobile application that offers users the ability to track real-time information on the whereabouts of family members, significant others, best friends and more.

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Who Is Folr For?

Folr is useful for (non-exhaustive list):

1. Parents to track the whereabout of their children.

2. Families to know the exact location of their old folks who may be losing memory or have dementia.

3. Couples to know where their spouse goes during a business trip

4. Cliques to know the location of their members and organise a quick gathering on the go.

5. Colleagues to track the movement of their peers when they are out of office.

6. School administrators can easily handle school’s attendance taking, discipline and on-campus liability.

7. Party revellers on a night out will be able to see which of their friends are also unwinding nearby.

There’s no hiding from the all-seeing Folr once its all set up!

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Getting It & Setting Up

Available for download on both Apple App Store & Google Play, Folr can be installed free of charge on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to give real-time information on the whereabouts of family members, significant others, best friends and more. The registration process was fairly simple. I just need to input my mobile number, enter the 5 digits PIN received via SMS, create my own profile and username and I am all set!

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Once installed, Folr creates two lists, a list of those who you want to follow and a list of friends who want to follow you. You can choose from your personal mobile contact who you want to invite to be tracked and also offer them the option to follow your whereabouts at the same time. Once determined, Folr will send a follow invitation to the contact for their approval. At this point, it will be good to drop this contact a message to inform them that you would like to follow them on Folr. When they accept, they will be prompted to download Folr to be a user as well.

This app will be especially important during times of need or distress. Users can see from the history to know where the followed was and predict where they could be. This “History” function will be SGD$38.98 per year (that cost less than a plate of hawker centre chicken rice each month), to be reassured on the path of the followed.

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Steven Ellis, CEO and Founder of Folr shared that Folr is unique in location-sharing as it provides options in history and privacy. The app gives a complete timeline of the device location. Also, users get complete autonomy over when he or she is tracked. He added that being able to know where your children are after school, where your spouse goes during a business trip or where your clique was in the past week. Besides getting a peace of mind, this information will especially important during times of need or distress. At Folr, they believe in the good that this app can do, as they aren’t just a company, they are concerned users too.

Also, another distinctive offering by Folr is ensuring privacy for users and those they follow. First, Folr will not have any advertising. Second, Folr will not sell user data to 3rd parties. Third and lastly, Folr allows the followed to set the days-of-week and the hours-of-day that their device can be tracked. They can also, at any point, deactivate the tracking.

Download Folr & Set Your Mind At Ease!

To understand more about Folr, please visit their website and interact with them through their social channels below:


Facebook: FolrApp

Twitter: FolrApp

Google+: +FolrApp

Visit App Store or Play Store to download the app and set your mind at ease from today! You may also want to check out Titan Watches Price too.

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