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Singaporeans are a hardworking lot. With the call for higher productivity by our government, single folks like us are going to find it even harder to dedicate time to socialise and look for our significant other. Desperate for time and opportunities, some love-seekers turn to a variety of dating apps only to be disappointed by fake profiles, creepy personas or even worse – falling prey to insincere individuals who are just looking to play the field! Thankfully, there’s eSynchrony to help us unveil the one true love from the clutter.

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Brought to you by the same team who created Lunch Actually, eSynchrony is a compatibility matching dating service which aims to give you the best online dating experience. To save you the time and hassle of physically screening out the not-so-desirables, eSynchrony promises to verify all members’ details and only present suitable date materials who are looking for serious relationships.

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Knowing how busy all of us are, eSynchrony is designed to make the entire process as painless as possible. To get things going, you have to first create your own account.

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True to its words, eSynchrony prompted me to reveal more information about myself for their in-depth compatibility profiling.

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To give all its members tailored and compatible matches, the folks behind eSynchrony has created a unique matching algorithm based on 16 areas of compatibility from their personalised matchmaking experience which includes Profile Attributes, Life Experiences, Physical Attributes, Personality Temperament, Interests and Passions, Values and beliefs, Relationship readiness and others. I like how they are bluntly truthful about me restricting my ideal match.

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I am grateful that they drill down to the details on my personal preference and interest to ensure that they achieve the closest match possible.

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Through the entire exercise, I am proud to say that I now know myself better and I am definitely better equipped on my expectation of the ideal partner.

Determining Values At eSynchrony - AspirantSGUpon successful creation of my account, eSynchrony dating consultants gave me a phone call to verify my personal details. They explained that the personality quiz which I took earlier will allow their system to find compatible matches for me and screen out those that are not suitable based on 16 areas of compatibility. This is to weed out fake profiles and also those who are not serious in finding a relationship.

eSynchrony matching algorithm is built based on their 10 years experience with matchmaking offline through the Lunch Actually platform. Unlike some online dating sites whose algorithm is purely based on scientific research, eSynchrony algorithm is backed by their observation of real-life dates and couples. Values and beliefs in particular is extremely important when it comes to compatibility. Folks with different interests and hobbies and still function as a loving couple. However, with totally different value systems, it would be more difficult to reconcile or to see eye-to-eye. For example, family values – if one person would like to have dinner with his or her parents everyday or once a week, and the other person is pretty happy not to meet his or her parents for 3 years, then it is quite difficult for the latter to understand the former, and vice versa.

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To look at my compatibility matches, I simply need to log in to view and approve the matches whom I wish to meet. There are interaction options such as photo exchange or sending questions & answers to each other to get to know one another better. I have around 10 matches within a week, I would love to show the printscreen of the system but I have to respect the ladies’ privacy. Once there is mutual approval and agreement between myself and my date, our consultant will contact both of us to coordinate a date.

Being a SDNTrust Accredited Dating Agency and a Matchmaking Institute Certified Matchmaker, 3 out of 4 of their members are satisfied with their dates. That should not come as a surprise with the elaborated profiling and verification process in place.

You can read up more about their ‘Happy Dates’ here.

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You will be happy to know that eSynchrony is on mobile too! To download the respective mobile apps, simple click on the App Store or Google Play. Check out the mobile app and rate it, the best rating stand a chance to attractive prizes!

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Compared to other free dating apps, eSynchrony is alot more user friendly and I am assured of the quality of the proposed matches that gets pushed to me. I would definitely recommend eSynchrony for singles who are on the earnest lookout for the special other half. I can change my matching criteria and view matched profiles on the go! Oppss.. now you know some of my settings!

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To find out more about eSynchrony, view the view below:

Time and tide waits no one. Shall we get started on the journey for our one true love?

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