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Bangkok is one of my favourite city in Asia. I have been to the city countless times but have always been staying at the same Silom area. This trip I am determined to plant myself at another part of the city and immerse with the locals. A boutique bed & brekkie type of arrangement will be superb. After a quick search through PandaBed, we got ourselves a double room suite at Escape At Sathorn Terrace. I love the convenience of booking through PandaBed.

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Tor, the owner of the Bed & Breakfast contact me through email with a warm welcome and thoughtfully provided a map with thai instructions for the taxi driver.

Local Map In Thai to Escape At Sathorn Terrace

If I am travelling alone, I will usually take the train from the airport. But since I am travelling with my 3 cousins, it made more sense to grab a cab and zoom straight to our accommodations. It took the cab around 35 minutes (smooth traffic with no jams) to reach Escape At Sathorn Terrace. You just need to tell the taxi driver that it is a left turn after passing by Robinson Bangrak.


Located in the historical Bangrak area, Escape At Sathorn Terrace is just minutes to Saphan Taksin Skytrain Station, 100 metres to Sathorn Pier where you can catch a ferry to the latest Asiatique Night Market and about 10 minutes by foot to my familiar Silom Road. How great is that!


We were greeted with warm hospitality and the presence of a vigilant security guard (who also doubles up at times as a service personnel) at the entrance gave us additional assurance.


Tor, the owner of the bed & breakfast whom we have been liaising with through email was around when we were doing our check in! Good to finally put a face behind our written conversations!


He shared with us the philosophy behind his quaint B&B.


Escape At Sathorn Terrace offers 2 different options for travellers. Bed & Breakfast is more suited for holiday makers who are on short term stays like us while travellers who required weeks or months of accommodations can opt for their apartments. The lift behind the counter leads to the apartments while our B&B suite is accessible via a small door just beside the main entrance. A cardkey is required to access the door at night so we must keep it with us at all times.


No matter which option you choose, all guests get to enjoy the common facilities such as the discussion and reading area.


Quiet corner where you can grab a good read from the book shelf.


There’s even a mini foosball game table in case you and your friends get bored at night! That’s my cousins posing from the outside, they are dying to drop their luggage in our room and head out for lunch.


Being foodies (we were also kinda of hungry), we asked Tor about the cool dining places around the B&B. He whipped out a detailed ‘Eat Like A Local’ guide almost immediately! This must be quite a popular question. Through his recommendations, we decided to check out Queen Of Curry and I remembered my previous Bangkok Food Tour was around the Bangrak area as well.


With the food settled, he brought us through the cardkey door to our rooms. There is a nice waiting area to host external parties who are visiting their guests.


An additional area was been created for guests to hold discussions or dine in the premise.


We loved our 2 bedrooms suite’s simple, whitewash concept. We had a main sliding door and 2 separate rooms that were connected by a narrow walkway. Both rooms shared one shower and toilet facility. It was a basic but highly functional, minimalist concept apartment.


Before we head out, we sneaked around the rest of the B&B and even went up to the upper floor to take more photos to share with everyone. There were lots of encouraging statements written on the wall. Tor later explained that he had previously volunteered the building as a temporary refuge for Thai people whose homes were affected by floods the year before.


The building backyard provided the perfect open air area for smokers.


Tor subsequently brought me up to the apartments. Catered for longer tenure, the rooms were a lot more spacious and provided beyond basic necessities.


Each room had a spacious living area as well as mini kitchen top with sink for simple cooking.


Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Escape At Sathorn Terrace. Tor was been a wonderful host and his team of service staff are alway friendly and approachable. If you are seeking to immerse and experience life as a local, Bangrak area is a great place to start. It is the older part of Bangkok and less tinted by tourism and globalisation. For shoppers, Saphan Taksin Skytrain Station is just 6 stations away from Siam Skytrain Station and the B&B is around 100m away the pier where you can take a ferry to Asiatique Night Market. Taxi drivers may have problem finding the place but you just need to get them to Robinson Bangrak and direct them from there. Have fun experiencing the other side of Bangkok.

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