Eathai – Marché Style Thai Dining At Central Embassy Bangkok

While attending Siwilai’s fifth edition of Thomas Erber’s famed Le Cabinet de Curiosites at Central Embassy Bangkok, I had the opportunity to check out Eathai – a Marché Style Thai Dining Establishment located at the lower ground floor of this luxury shopping mall. Spanning over 5,000 square metres, Eathai serves a comprehensive range of Thai delicacies found across the kingdom. Be warned through, Eathai caters to the upper middle society so the prices here are not that of your usual restaurants in Bangkok. When you make the decision to dine at Eathai, you better be in the mood for traditional, authentic Thai cuisine because no alternative Chinese, Western or Indian cuisine are served here.

Eathai Dining Card Central Embassy Bangkok - AspirantSG

Walking through its interior, it is evident that Eathai has successfully fused traditional and modern Thai elements to create a cozy environment for its diners.

Eathai Interior Central Embassy Bangkok - AspirantSG

We get to appreciate the gradual advancement of the Thai Capital from olden days hand pulled rickshaw to

Traditional Rickshaw Decor At Eathai Central Embassy - AspirantSG

the modern day Tuk Tuk!

Tuk Tuk At Eathai Central Embassy - AspirantSG

We picked a deep, quiet corner as our makan stronghold. Peggy from SIXPEGS graciously offered to guard our territory as the rest of us ventured out to gather a Thai feast that’s fit for royalty!

Seats In Eathai Central Embassy - AspirantSG

The map of Eathai will give you a good idea on the food market’s offerings. They adopt the ‘Krua 4 Pak’ concept which basically showcases the best of Thai cuisine from 4 main regions of Thailand namely the Central, North, Northeast and South.

Map Of Eathai Central Embassy Bangkok - AspirantSG

Each food station command their own little charms. I was particularly drawn to the Seafood Stall.

Seafood Food Stall At Eathai Central Embassy - AspirantSG

Look at the size of these giant river prawns! I am so getting one, come and take my card now! At Eathai, you will start your food journey with a makan credit of 1,000 baht and have the value deducted each time you place an order. Payment is only made when you leave. A very smart tactic to make you spend without thinking!

Giant River Prawns At Eathai Central Embassy - AspirantSG

Once our orders are made, we passed our order slips over to the friendly service staffs for their action. Unlike Singapore’s Marché where we have to wait at the stall or return for collection later, our orders are promptly delivered to our table by the service staffs once they are ready. Let’s cheers to their wonderful service with Fresh Oysters!

Oysters At Eathai - AspirantSG

I have never tasted this Spicy Mixed Mushroom Soup anywhere on the streets of Bangkok before but it was awesome. The mixed mushrooms offered a really wholesome munch.

Spicy Mixed Mushroom Soup At Eathai - AspirantSG

Yes, guilty as charged but I am really a sucker for these succulent Grilled Giant River Prawns. Compared to the exorbitant price we have to pay in Singapore, I suggest prawn lovers to just come and have their fill here.

Grilled Giant River Prawns AT Eathai - AspirantSG

I most definitely did with my Pad Thai With Jumbo Prawns. Yums!

Giant Prawns Phai Thai At Eathai - AspirantSG

The Sea Crab Meat and Crab Roe Southern Yellow Curry was quite a fun dish to play with. You get to pour the main gravy together and all the other ingredients over the rice noodles and mix them up till you are satisfied.

Sea Crab Meat and Crab Roe Southern Yellow Curry AT Eathai - AspirantSG

That’s my hot, spicy mess!

Sea Crab Meat and Crab Roe Southern Yellow Curry All Mixed Up - AspirantSG

I completed my meal with both the dry and the wet version of the traditional Mango Sticky Rice!

Mango Sticky Rice Dry At Eathai Central Embassy - AspirantSG

Folks who like soupy desserts may prefer the wet version. It is awfully sinful because the sticky rice is literally swimming in coconut milk. There goes your waist!

Mango Sticky Rice (Wet) At Eathai Central Embassy - AspirantSG

Great food always help to break the ice and bond people together. It was lovely getting to know media folks from different parts of Asia over the meal. Our host shared that Eathai also house Issaya Cooking Studio which serves as a cooking school, chef’s table as well as a bespoke event space in Bangkok.

Feast On The Table - AspirantSG

Before leaving Eathai, we made a beeline for the sweets and crafts section to get unique souvenirs for our friends, relatives and colleagues back in Singapore.


I throughly enjoyed my dining experience at Eathai. If you have limited time in Bangkok or wish to go for the easy way of sampling a wide variety of authentic Thai cuisines, Eathai would be the perfect place for you. Here are the full details of the food market:


Address: Central Embassy 1031 Ploenchit road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

Tel: +662 119 7777


Facebook: EathaibyCentral

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  1. Sing In BKK

    hi, glad you like eat this, but this electronic card food court concept is no longer new here – Emporium just revamped their food court and is now following suit. and frankly, eat this is really all hype – the servings are pathetically small, and like you said, this high end food court’s prices is like restaurants prices back home in SG. not really worth it. the restaurants on L5 of Central Embassy have way better food (try Maisen, the famed Jap tonkatsu place) , but also more ex. the food court at adjacent Central Chidlom is actually highly recommended by my local thai collegaues and if you want good and cheap food court – Terminal 21. Many thais will tell you they love this.

    If you want to experience atas thai style, bangkok has many cafes and cafes – Casa Lapin with its pretentious hipster vibes, Ceresia with its down to earth good quality coffee and kuppa with the industrial loft chicness and yummy food, many choices, but definitely need not go to a food court…

  2. wow! the food!!! I love Thai food!

    • Yeah, we all love Thai food. The price is slightly more expensive but still it works out to our normal Singapore restaurant prices.

      Thanks for reading my posts.



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