Ditch Your Car Over Weekends & Be An EarthKeeper!

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Everyone knows that driving a car is bad for the environment. But what is it exactly about driving makes it so harmful and how bad is it really?


According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Driving a car is probably a normal citizen’s most ‘polluting’ daily activity.” They revealed that 70% of the carbon monoxide, 45% of the nitrogen oxides & 34% of the hydrocarbon pollution in the United States are likely to be directly related to automobile emissions.

The increase of carbon gases in our environment inevitably resulted in greenhouse effect which contributed to climate change. Today, we are faced with raising global temperatures, increasing sea levels and the emergence of unstable weather and even monstrous storms like Katrina and Rita.

Professor Ong Choon Nam (National University of Singapore) believe that Singaporeans have reason to be concerned. We are an island experiencing raising sea level as well as warmer climates which may make it more conducive for mosquitoes and other vectors.

Singapore government has pushed for the following green initiatives:

  • Hosted test-bedding projects for innovations like Compressed Natural Gas vehicles and fuel-cell cars.
  • Green Vehicle Rebate to encourages people to buy electric and hybrid cars
  • A Fuel Economy Labelling Scheme which advises potential car buyers on the fuel economy of the cars they are purchasing

Besides government, corporate organisations such as Timberland are also taking conscious efforts to do their part for the environment. For Timberland, a life without the outdoors is unimaginable and that’s why they started Earthkeepers®.

Quoting Timberland: “Earth” means the place we live in and “keeper” means guardian. When you put the two words together, it represents someone who is concerned about environmental issues and willing to take action to protect our Earth, like the minor act of cycling instead of driving and using energy efficient bulbs, to bigger things like replanting eroded areas and using renewable energy to reduce the burden on our environment.

I am proud to say that I am an Earthkeeper® when it comes to reducing carbon dioxide emission via automobile and I am extending an invitation for you to join me!

Ditch your car for just 1 day over the weekend (you can use it as an opportunity to send your car in for garage maintenance too) and explore scenic Park Connectors Network (PCN) around Singapore with your loved ones. To prove that I walk the talk, here’s the report card on my most recent Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network Trip.

Ps. It’s a great way to burn off those stubborn fats.


And my 51km cycle was done on my trusty Dahon Dove. 😛


The motivation to do so? Take in the meticulously landscaped paths along Punggol Waterway Park,


witness how uncles catch crabs and shrimps along streams flowing through Pasir Ris Park,


catch traditional bumboats heading out from Changi Jetty,


& enjoy the beautiful floral displays at Bougainvillea Garden (East Coast Park) along the journey.


What happens if it rains? Not an issue for me, I simply fold up my Dahon and hop onto any of Singapore’s public transport to get me home.


Go on, take up my challenge and do your part for the environment.

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  1. That is one beautiful bike path!

  2. I’m envious! This is not only beautiful, it’s good for you and the planet… not to mention I absolutely love Singapore!


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