Dine Among The Greens

If having a leisure brunch, lunch or afternoon tea in midst of lush greenery appeals to you, MacRitchie Reservoir Park houses a modest cafe that will whet your appetite.

Located just a short walking distance away from the park’s new green two-storey carpark with 300 parking lots, MacRitchie Mushroom Cafe is a popular with the park’s patron & the nearby office crowd.


The cafe offers local breakfast delights from 7am to 10.30am.

And a good spread of lunch & dinner choices from 10.30am onwards at really reasonable prices. But since my colleagues were all raving about its curry chicken, I decided to go for the curry chicken – noodles version.


Plus an ice cold beer to go with it 😛


Being part of Old Chang Kee, the cafe offers popular finger snacks for afternoon tea breaks as well.


My Curry Chicken Noodles was served piping hot and it sure looks fiery. The curry was fragrant and is a unique mix of sweet & spicy. The generous chunks of chicken absorbed the curry really well and were tender to bite. My only regret was ordering the noodles…. they do not go well with the curry & tasted soggy…


Alvin’s Curry Chicken Rice was beautifully presented in a Yin Yang Bowl. The rice was definitely the better companion.


Joyce tried the beef stew and wasn’t impressed by it. The meat was a bit too tough for her liking. I took a mouthful of potatoes & gravy. The gravy was hearty & luscious perhaps they just need to work on getting the beef more tender.


Enjoying gorgeous view of nature while sipping hot delicious curry, lunch with colleagues has never been better.


If you are keen to check out the cafe, here are the full details:

MacRitchie Mushroom Cafe

Thomson Road, MacRitchie Reservoir S(300000)

Tel: 6303 2358

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