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Moving into a new home can be an exhilarating and scary experience. For many of us, relocating several times in our life is quite the norm, be it for work, to be closer to our extended families or simply for our children’s formative years. As we settle into our humble abode, our homes become more than just places of refuge and rejuvenation. How and what we put in is a reflection of our personality, our quirks, our tastes (or the lack of) and of course a place to live, work or even SOHO. This is where Comfort Design, the leading chair and table people, come into the picture.

Comfort Design Showroom Singapore - AspirantSG

Centrally located between Eunos and Paya Lebar MRT stations (from a layman’s point of reference), Comfort Design may not be a familiar tune to many of us unless we happen to be in the contract or procurement business for large-scale projects. Their specialty? Tables and chairs and a wee bit more. I’m referring to tables and chairs that you see in newer public areas such as the Polytechnics, Restaurants and hip cafes. Like anyone, I’ve always marvelled at the chic ambiance and found myself wanting that furniture or decor for my home but never really knew how to go about it.

I’ve finally found my mecca in Comfort Design – The Chair & Table People.

Comfort Design Building Singapore - AspirantSG

A World of Comfort and Design

I had the chance to meet the creative people behind these setups while looking for inspiration for my soon-to-be-ready condo. (Special Thanks to Tricia, Carissa and Grace!) To my surprise, I’m told they have been around for more then 35 years, providing seating and table solutions to offices, schools, restaurants and institutions.

Comfort Design Entrance Singapore - AspirantSG

In the last 3 years, Comfort Design has embarked on a bold, logical step – offering their extensive catalog and expertise to homeowners. So good-looking, functional and comfortable chairs and tables are now within easy reach without breaking your savings vault.

Comfort Design Showroom Offerings Singapore - AspirantSG

With their expansion plans already underway, visitors can expect more choices and themes from its current space of 27,000 sq/ft to 32,000 sq/ft across 3 levels. While no firm date is available, construction has already begun and the owners hope that the new place will be ready by Chinese New Year 2015. (Let’s cheer them on!)

Tables For Work and Play

The bulky items are located on the 1st level. Here you’ll find interesting concepts that are simple yet beautiful. These multi-function tables become ideal for dining, for work or even arts and crafts.

Comfort Design Level 1 Singapore - AspirantSG

At Comfort Design, concepts and elements come together harmoniously with each item inspiring you with its individual design and variety. I often find myself looking at a piece on its own merit and how the other decor can be built around it.

Chairs for The Tired Feet

There are no shortages of chairs here. You have chairs for dining, chairs for studying, chairs for reading and chairs for entertaining. There’s even showpiece-chairs for decoration only. But no matter how they end up in your home, you will be spoiled with a large selection to choose from. There’s no end to the teasing with more variety to fill its spaces along the way.

Comfort Design Singapore Chairs - AspirantSG

Be prepared to change your mind. Again. And again. And again. Because with an expansive selection of cushioned chairs, rocking chairs, couple chairs, bar-stools and even cocooned chairs, you may never want to leave your seat. Except perhaps when Nature calls.

Comfort Design Chairs Options - AspirantSG

On Level M, you can browse through furniture that make working more enjoyable. If one size or style isn’t your cup of tea, just move along until you find one that does. After all, there’s nothing like a good chair that gives you great comfort and design (no pun intended).

Comfort Design Singapore Level M - AspirantSG

There are chairs that look good on its own and there are chairs that look good even if they are mixed around. Just ask the friendly Comfort Design staff and they will gladly show you how you can mix and match to create the look you want. I’ve found that mismatching gives a different character or personality to your home. For those who like to create harmonious surroundings and do not want to break the ‘qi’ of your home too much, you can still retain some similarities between the furniture.

A tip I received from their Sales Team is to keep certain elements that are the same. For example, different colours of the same model (like the metal chairs above in 4 different colours belonging to the same coloured family – the happy colours.

Comfort Design Dark Dining Furniture - AspirantSG

Or as in this picture of Timber items – they are kept to the same timber colour, despite all 4 pieces being of different models and shapes. Whatever your preference, go on and experiment as this big showroom showcases more then a thousand chairs for you to play and explore your inner design abilities!

Sitting in Style

With a best-selling book in hand, catching up on world news or popcorn munching to the newest blockbuster movie on TV, these chairs will make you want to grab the nearest hand for company. Need a little cuddling? Just throw in a couple of cushions and you can literally spend hours sitting. There’s a mind-boggling range of style and combination to choose from; Like the style but not the colour? There are other choices available to you (Subject to specific models and availability.)

Comfort Design Singapore Grey Cream Chair -  AspirantSG

Time For The Soft Touch

A bare couch is a sad couch. As you browse around, you’ll find a variety of witty cushions with their own personalities. Pick one that emotes your inner feelings. There’s a variety of colours, texture and of course ‘words of wisdom’ to choose from. And they sure add a dash of excitement in any room.

Comfort Designs Singapore Cushions - AspirantSG

Have a thought without saying it out loud? These cushions will tell who’s boss and who just tied the knot. For the daring few, YOLO anyone? And if you need to break wind, just let it off and grab a cushion. Then grin your innocent way out.

Comfort Design Singapore Couch and Cushion -  AspirantSG

They say that Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy, which probably explains Albert Einstein’s electrifying hairdo! Still, there’s good reason for a Wild Fashion statement; These cushions make mix and match so effortless. Other than cushion cuddling, there’s also the occasional cushion fight. *THUMP*

Comfort Design Singapore Living Room Couch - AspirantSG

When you are all rested and done after all the hard work and play, these quirky clocks let you know when it’s time for a coffee break ….

Comfort Design Singapore Clocks - AspirantSG

…. or a friendly game of ball to settle any score, indoor style of course.

Comfort Design Indoor Football Table Game - AspirantSG

An Artist and His Canvas

Anyone can transform their homes into beautiful showpieces that you can be proud to live in or invite friends over (for bragging rights). Here’s a perfect example of such an inspiring design and variety that you can do. With a little collaboration or even DIY, there’s no limit to your imagination. So go on and start painting a
new look.

Comfort Design Singapore Show Room - AspirantSG

So Much to See & Do

Not to be missed is the “Wall of Fame”. Here you see their proud showcase of clients and establishments that have been furnished though the years. It’s like taking a peek into history. Here is where I was able to connect the dots to some of more familiar eateries. Hopefully you can be inspired by this gallery. You can check out their portfolio here.

Comfort Design Singapore Art Canvas - AspirantSG

Have a Question?

Always ask the friendly staff. They don’t shadow while you browse around but are more than happy to assist you. With over 30 years of expertise, you’ll get great information and advise. Just don’t ask for the Iron Throne (for all you Game of Thrones fans).

Comfort Design Singapore Sales Group Team - AspirantSG

Visit the Showroom

Address: 110 Eunos Ave 7, Comfort Design Building, Singapore 409573
(Showrooms on Level 1, M & 2)


Driving there:

Driving Map To Comfort Design Singapore - AspirantSG

Walking there:

Walking Map To Comfort Design Singapore - AspirantSG

By Cab:

It is also recommended to grab a taxi from either Eunos or Paya Lebar MRT station

Showroom Hours: 9am to 6pm (Mon – Sat) &  10am to 6pm (Sun & PH)

Tel: +65 6747 4809 (showroom)

Email: [email protected]

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Comfort Design is open throughout the week, including weekends and public holidays. If you like to avoid big crowds, the best time to visit is weekdays. Weekday browsing lets you take your own time to pick the item that best suits your home and taste. Unless you already have something specific in mind, setting aside 2 to 3 hours will allow you ample time to browse the entire place if this is your first visit. This is a highly recommended place for all homeowners.

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