Club Night – Painting Seoul Red

After a good nap, we set off at 6pm Seoul time for dinner and coffee.

Raymond brought me to this fantastic BBQ restaurant in the itaewon neighbourhood with silver alien like structures hovering right on top of a red hot flaming core.

The purpose of these silver pipes are to suck off smoke and fumes produced on the bbq process. The main mini beef steaks and small accompanying dishes were soon served.

The mini beef steaks are to be placed within the veg after being dipped in peppered oil wrapped up together with onion and kimchi. Absolutely heavenly.

After dinner, we had coffee at ‘Standing Coffee’, an american street style cafe with only 2 standing tables for customers to hangout. Most of the customers just for takeaways.

We were lucky to get 1 of the 2 available standing tables. The evening was chilly but manageable with a long sleeve comforter or jacket. Raymond explained that it should be summer now at Seoul but the weather has been cranky. But I am really lucky to experience the ‘extended’ cool weather.

On our way back to change for the clubs, Raymond shared with me the history of Itaewon. The previous meaning of the town was ‘Place of foreign birth’. There used to be a buddhist temple with nuns.

When the Japanese occupied the town in 1500s, the nuns were raped and many bore desendent of mixed origins. The town was also known for a number of murders and homicide. He revealed that some visitors to his place did experienced nightmares. Creepy har … Thanks Raymond for telling me that on my first night.

Later on,the emperior retained the name tone Itaewon but altered the text such that it now meant ‘Place of big pear orchard’. Itaewon is now a popular tourist destination and boost of an international permanent resident community of over 70% foreigners.

Next stop, we head out to a local KTV pubs at Chongno. The local gals were really good at korean songs and it’s really entertaining to see them dance in a group. Think Wondergirls style.

The song list has no Chinese songs… Only korean or Ang Mo. Decided to go for the easy song ‘stickwitu’. Damn… it will be so much better with a Chinese number. We headed over to another pub, had more beer and chatted with Raymond Ang Mo friends before moving onto the main club street in Itaewon.

The club street is located at a pretty remote part of Itaewon. It’s basically a steep slope with clubs flanking on both sides. The cool thing is that one can simply make a drink purchase from any of the bar and visit all the clubs along the street.

The crowd is good but the music was not really up to date. Pretty hard to reach a high …. I need more drinks and DJ please play Telephone!

Late at 2pm, we made our way to the largest dance club on Itaewon. At a time where majority of the Singaporeans are ready to call it a night the club was not even opened! In fact, Raymond and I were actually the first in the queue.

It was a slow start initially with people oozing in but by 245am, the club was packed and the scene was finally getting hot!

Raymond saw quite a few of his friends and I was soon dancing to the music with the clique.

The night ended officially at 4.30am. The party was still going on in the club but I was too exhausted to continue.

Was not really hungry but just wanted to try the local post clubbing street treat – skewed chicken (I think)!

Ok, finally view of the Itaewon night scene and it’s off to bed!


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