Clash of the Tweet Divas – @NingDalton versus @Xiaxue

Both @NingDalton & @Xiaxue are gorgeous & talented ladies in their own rights but who truly rules the twittersphere?

Check out this infographic for the full battle stats.

If you could only follow one – who would you pick?

And why?

Leave a comment below and cast your vote. I would love to know!

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  1. alamakmachomanlah

    It would be better if you have a short introduction on this two. E.g. Ning is a 36 year old, multi-award winning singer from Malaysia, Xiaxue is a 30 yr old full-time blogger from Singapore. I am not a fan of Ning (as in, I do not listen to her songs) and she seems to blog mostly in Malay, which I don’t understand, neither am I a fan of Xiaxue since she she blogs about women’s stuff while I am a very hairy, manly, fire-eating macho man who is allergic to pink. So my real life answer is — neither one.

    But if I had to choose between the two because the fate of mother earth depends on it, I’d put my macho manliness aside and bear with the pink-induce hives and choose Xiaxue because she tweets mostly in English and is a Singaporean therefore making her tweets slightly more relevant to me.

  2. @burnog well said, I am with you, first look at the two , I was like .. huh ..Ning who ? and XiaXue, lets not start if not profanity will have a new meaning.

  3. Well I would follow neither. The question was if I could follow either one. Well if I could I certainly wont follow either but if I really must then I rather kill myself. Both these twitter users are non informative about anything other than themselves. That’s the first issue. Secondly, they both tweet to make money from their followers. ( NuffNang & ChurpChurp Supporters) . Lastly, I dont even consider them to be as influencial as real informative twitter users such as yourself.

    • Hi, thanks for your comments.

      Those are really strong views. I am glad that you find my contents informative.

      Just visited your blog, you have very good content on Social Media. Hope to learn from you in future.



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