Chinese New Year Auspicious Phrases During Yu Sheng (Lo Hei)

The tradition of Yu Sheng or Lo Hei originated from the phrase’s Cantonese meaning of ‘tossing up good fortune’ using raw fish salad which symbolises an ‘abundance of wealth and long life’. Made up of white and green radish, carrots, capsicum, turnips, red pickled ginger, slices of raw fish (commonly salmon), crackers, topped with fragrant dressing of plum sauce, five spice powder, sesame oil, this dish is usually served as an appetiser. To help you with the appropriate Chinese New Year auspicious phrases during Lo Hei, Infographic.sgladyironchef has specially created this festive infographic.

How To Lao Yu Sheng (Lo Hei) Like A Boss - AspirantSG

Gather your families and friends  to toss the ingredients while saying auspicious well wishes out loud to usher in good luck. It is also believed the higher you toss the ingredients in the salad, the greater your fortunes will be.

Lo Hei Singapore - AspirantSG

There is also a trend of ordering Yu Sheng online and them delivered to your home or party venue. Other than Yu Sheng, many Singaporeans are also turning to popular food delivery services such as FoodPanda for a hassle-free gathering.

Lao Yu Sheng Singapore - AspirantSG
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Chinese New Year Yu Sheng - AspirantSG

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