Check-In To Room 60 @ Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

Before I head off to Brisbane, friends were telling me how small the city was and I can practically explore the city on foot or bicycle. With time to spare, I decided to include Kelvin Grove Urban Village along my walking trail.


Kelvin Grove is home to Queensland University of Technology Creative Industries Department and La Boite Theatre, Queensland’s second largest theatre company. The entire enclave was supposed to be the leading creative precinct that offers a soulful, sophisticated and captivating lifestyle for budding artists, creative business entrepreneurs and university community.


But from my visit on an early weekday afternoon, it may still be a distance away from its lofty ambition. Granted that there were plenty of students hanging around the limited retail and F&B outlets, there wasn’t much to see and do for tourists.


I eventually settled for Room 60 Cafe to quench my thirst and get some leg rest from all that walking.


The vintage furniture placed along the walkway was a pretty good draw.


The cafe interior was quirky, hip but yet warm and welcoming at the same time.


Steered away from the enticing $10 Specials Room 60 Deconstructed Cocktails to stay sober and complete my walking trail round the city.


A boring glass of Hot Chocolate which resembles our Singapore Milo Dinosaur was served instead.


Rested my bum on a retro sofa that’s smack right at the centre of the cafe to enjoy a 180 degree view.


If I were studying on campus, I could so imagine myself ordering coffee and spending the afternoon mugging or typing furiously away for my thesis papers.


Or chilling out with university mates, lamenting about the coming exams and bitch about horrible lecturers. Ahh.. the good old campus days …


Private corner for group discussions are craved out with oriental dividers. It looks like it could double up as a stage in the evening.


Looking at the spread of hard liquor on the shelves, this space should take on a rather different scene after dark.


There’s actually a promotion video for Room 60 on Youtube!

Perhaps I have made a mistake visiting this precinct on a weekday afternoon. If you have experienced Kelvin Grove or Room 60 differently on a weekday evening or weekends, please share with us through the comment section below. Else I personally feel that tourists can give Kelvin Grove a miss.

Here are the full details for Room 60:

Room 60 @ Kelvin Grove

Address: Shop 22, Carraway Street, Kelvin Grove Urban Village, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

Operating Hours: 6.30am – 8pm Monday & Tuesday, 6.30am – 10pm Wednesday & Thursday, 6.30am – Midnight Friday, 6pm – late on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

Tel: +61 402112994

Email: [email protected]


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