Bravo Presents Not-Your-Average Tiong Bahru Food Guide

The Tiong Bahru Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore that’s built in 1930s. Since the market’s first establishment as the “Seng Poh Market”, it has built up a reputation for hosting some of the best hawker stalls. In the recent years, however, this old estate has undergone a natural revitalisation process with newer establishments, from cafes, bakeries and bars to lifestyle shops selling a variety of knick-knacks coming into the neighbourhood. With these new injections, the areas has grown to become rather popular with the younger generation. In light of promoting the forgotten local cuisine and heritage, an informative and fun guide was created for those who are curious, lost and hungry around the estate.

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The site is a self-initiated and non-profit project by the folks from Bravo, a local Branding and Design Studio, housed just round the corner of the market itself. Since moving into the neighbourhood 5 years ago, it has been their go-to lunch spot for authentic local delights. For all the good food and fond memories it has fed is, this guide serves as a small gesture in giving back to the building and vendors of the food centre.

Key Fun Features

1. History

In recollecting the past, you can find a brief history of the market’s 70 years of existence, compressed in a short animation.

History Of Tiong Bahru Market - AspirantSG

2. Interactive Map and Filters

The main feature of the site is the interactive directory map, detailing the stores, their varied opening hours and items sold. There is also a filter feature that shows you which stores sell the particular dish you’re looking for.

Not So Average Tiong Bahru Food Guide - AspirantSG

3. Meal Generator — The fun bit comes in with a meal generator for those, like us on most days, have trouble deciding amongst the wide range of choices.

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4. Bravo Recommendations — For serious recommendations though, we’ve included our personal list of must-tries that just simply cannot be missed out on.

Foodies Recommendation In Tiong Bahru - AspirantSG

Visit the to check them out today!

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