Brands Obsession on Social Media: Marketers Vs ‘Normal’ People

Do you agree that Marketers are much more obsessed with Social Media than the average person on the streets?

If you are located in Asia, what are your thoughts on the survey statistics below?

Agree or beg to differ, what say you?

Share your thoughts in the comments section and let’s discuss!

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  1. I always wonder about the sample size on reports like this, but the last section about office parties pretty much cemented it for me: this infographic is actually a joke.


    (It’s actually pretty funny if it is a joke. If it’s not, I’ll just go back to worrying about the evolution of society in a digital world, thanks!)

    • Lol!

      Thanks for reading my post and leaving your feedback!

      From a Singapore Marketer perspective, I do agree that the office parties part is not accurate.

      But I do agree on the greater obsession with social media channels for marketers compared to non marketers.



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