Bonusbay – Unbelievable Cashback Savings For Online Shopping

If you are big on online retail therapy, Bonusbay will be music to your ears. This amazing web service offers you cashback on your online purchases from popular online retailers and merchants and it is completely free of charge! The best part is this savings is over and above the existing cashback or points that your credit card is offering for your current online spending. Together, it just mean you can get more for so much less!

Bonusbay - Smart Cashback For Online Shoppers

How it works

When you buy something, for example, from Zalora for $250, you can get $20 in bonuses through Bonusbay. If you make a $500 SGD reservation with, you will get $19 SGD bonus. Once your balance hits a limit of $15, you can ask for the amount to be transferred to your PayPal account.

These bonuses come from the webstore you shopped in. When you go to the webstore through Bonusbay, the online retailer or merchant recognizes that you are a user of Bonusbay and pays Bonusbay sales commission for your purchases. Bonusbay then share this commission with you in a form of bonus, so that you will get part of your own money back. Their service operates in a similar way to cash back credit cards, but to shop through Bonusbay you do not need a cash back credit card.

Hence to get bonuses of your purchases, you must be logged in to your Bonusbay account, and visit the webstore through their site. You will make a purchase in the webstore as you normally would. Bonusbay service is free and easy to use. You only need to carry out a few extra clicks.

Bonusbay Cashback Savings in 3 simple steps - AspirantSG

Let’s Get Started!

To get onboard this awesome service, you have to first get yourself registered. Registration is a piece of cake especially if you are using the lazy Facebook button (which I did). Once that is done, simply furnish your personal and payment details together with a vanity photo and you are all set!

Bonusbay registration - AspirantSG

There are so many online retailers and merchants within Bonusbay that I am spoiled for choices! The level of bonus earned varies according to the participating website. To test the system, I decided to go for Zalora which is offering 8% bonus! Can you image the cashback from if you are booking your hotels accommodations in Europe with it. The potential savings is mind-blowing!

Online retailers and merchants under Bonusbay - AspirantSG

A simple click on the Zalora ‘Get Bonus’ button lead me out to Zalora website. I decided to start small with a modest bag for $20.

Zalora Purchase for Bonusbay - AspirantSG

The bonus may take a while to re-surface as it still have to undergo the evaluation period but there it is! I have earned a rocking $1.60 (8% of $20) from my purchase.

Bonusbay points earned - AspirantSG

There you have it! Easy cashback for just a few more clicks. 8% may seem little for one or two purchases but all these savings can add up to quite a sizeable figure. With close to 600 webstores and over 700 brands across categories such as beauty, health, fashion, electronics, home & lifestyle, grocery, kids, entertainment and many more, there is something for everyone in the family.

Readers Get $5 When You Sign Up Now

If you are huge on online shopping, why not register a free account with In fact, you can sign up through AspirantSG Bonusbay Page and get a $5 welcome bonus. Please feel free to suggest any online store that you love that’s not currently participating in this service and they may just be included the next time you visit Bonusbay.

Have fun & enjoy the savings!

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