Ben Heine Presents ‘From Cocoa to Choco’ Art @HKHarbourCity

Gallery by the Harbour proudly presents “From Cocoa to Choco – taking you through the Journey of Love” Art Exhibition by Belgian multi-disciplinary artist Ben Heine at Harbour City Hong Kong’s Chocolate Trail 2015With his unique art form “Pencil vs Camera”, renowned Belgian multi-disciplinary artist Ben Heine shook the art world by combining photography and illustration exquisitely to blur the boundary of virtual and reality.

Ben Heines 3D Pencil vs Camera Artwork - AspirantSG

Inspired by the chocolate theme, Ben Heine has created a new series of “Pencil vs Camera” artwork to be exhibited in Gallery by the Harbour at Ocean Centre, for Harbour City 2015 Chocolate Trail, leading visitors onto a mesmerising journey of the birth of chocolate. Visitors will be immersed in a sweet fantasy to realise the evolution of love. The exhibition will also turn one of Ben Heine’s artworks into a 3D art installation, for visitors to step in and be part of his art, giving visitors a new revelation in their experience of appreciation of art.

Ben Heine's Art Pieces At Harbour City Gallery Hong Kong - AspirantSG

Ben Heine is a successful breakout story of young multi-disciplinary artists. He is an illustrator, a photographer and an artist. He originated the “Pencil vs Camera” series in 2010, which mixes drawing and photography, imagination and reality. The works are full of magic illusion, poetry and surrealism. The success of this series propelled him into one of the hottest talents in the art world and also on social media platform – his Facebook page has attracted over 220,000 likes.

Ben Heine With Alex Fong At Harbour City Chocolate Trail

Impromptu Performance By Ben Heine

Ben Heine visited Hong Kong between 21 to 26 January 2015 and delivered an impromptu performance on “Flesh and Acrylic”, another unique art form of his, simulating the movement of chocolate fluid to elaborate his perspective of “Journey of Love” at Gallery by the Harbour.

Ben Heine Creating Art Live At Harbour City Hong Kong

He made an acrylic painting over a large wood panel by blending in a model in an improvisational way. The texture of acrylic working together with the model brought out multiple layers of beauty to touch your heart.

Ben Heine Closed To Completion Harbour City Chocolate Trail

The completed work of art can now be viewed at Gallery By The Harbour at your leisure.

Ben Heine Completed Artwork At Harbour City Hong Kong Gallery - AspirantSG

Savour Galler Chocolatier At The Gallery

Delivered by a Belgium partnership for this exhibition, Ben will work together with globally-renowned Galler Chocolatier, the royally-appointed chocolate supplier for the Belgian Royal Family, to transform love into chocolates of various flavours.

Galler Chocolatier At Harbour City Hong Kong Gallery - AspirantSG

Not only will visitors be satisfied by Ben’s chocolate artwork visually, Galler Chocolatier will be presenting real chocolates to satisfy your sense of taste on this amazing journey.

Belgium Galler Chocolatier Chocolates At Harbour City Gallery - AspirantSG

Be A Model Of Ben’s Art & Share!

Before you leave the Gallery By The Harbour, grab the opportunity to be one of Ben’s Pencil vs Camera Model at the gallery photo booth! The folks at Harbour City Hong Kong shared crystal, clear instructions on how to achieve the perfect shot!

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Camwhore At Pencil vs Camera Art Exhibition At Harbour City Chocolate Trail - AspirantSG

Here are the full details of the exhibition:

“From Cocoa to Choco – Taking You Through The Journey Of Love” Art Exhibition

Date: 23 Jan – 1 Mar 2015

Time: 11:00 – 22:00

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour, 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

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