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There is a romanticised saying “If you love something, set it free.” I used to believe in it when I was much younger but now I’m not so sure about that. Taking on the role of providing for my family, It seems to me that “If you love something, you have to protect it.” is closer to the truth. We are all born to protect our loved ones in one way or another. Everyday we make choices that ensure that our loved ones continues to thrive in the way of life that is good for everyone. For the folks at AXA, this duty is a calling. From Health, Family & Home, Travels and the Environment, they are born to protect.

AXA Born To Protect Your Loved Ones - AspirantSG

Based on a true story, a unfortunate fire in a Japanese restaurant destroyed the kitchen and injured the chef’s arm. AXA Claims Service Manager Kenny springs to action by expediting his claims and getting a doctor and physiotherapist to treat the chef’s arm. Next, he went the extra mile to get a social worker to help the chef’s elderly mother and make sure the renovations begun immediately. View this video to find out the full story.

AXA – Born To Protect: True Story Of AXA Claims Service Manager Kenny

Take Part In AXA Safer City Contest

To demonstrate this Born to Protect spirit, AXA Singapore has just launched a “Safer City Contest”! You are invited to submit protective ideas on how / who / where to make Singapore a safer city.

Eg: Anti-slip mats in the disabled toilets or glow in the dark signages in estates. Basically, there are neither right nor wrong ideas.

Top 3 entries will have a chance to see their ideas come to life! The first 100 entries get $30 Taka shopping vouchers!

So hurry, SMS to 76677 in this format: AXA <space> NAME <space> NRIC <space> Your ideas

Winners will be announced on AXA Singapore Facebook in 16 Nov Monday#AXASingapore #BorntoProtect #AXASaferCity

AXA A Safer City Campaign 2015 - AspirantSG

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