Aversion, A Newly Launched Anti-drug Mobile App

We all have a part to play in the fight against drugs. This new mobile game application (Aversion) is a good initiative in the fight against drugs. Let us continue to keep our streets and youths safe from drugs.

Aversion App - AspirantSG

To begin, Aversion is an anti-drug awareness game offering insights into how our body reacts when people abuse drugs, the plausible harmful side effects, and the aftermath that is detrimental to the human body.

On a side note, Aversion is developed by students from NYP’s School of Interactive and Digital Media, in collaboration with the Preventive Education Unit of Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). This collaboration inspires me to share more about this game to increase the awareness that Singapore is trying to create – Get teenagers to be more knowledgeable on the harmful effects of drugs; through contents created by the youths themselves.

There are countless stories of how drugs have caused serious harm to drug addicts, their family, and friends. Drugs such as Meth (Ice), cannabis, or New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) are not only addictive; they can also damage the brain, liver, kidneys and other vital organs. In most cases, we realize most drug abusers tend to abuse these drugs with minimal knowledge of the harmful toll it takes on their health. I hope that through this game, it reaches out to more teenagers to make wiser decisions before they fall victims to the drug scourge.

In Aversion, players take the role of ‘The Eye’, with an aim to avoid contact with drugs and various obstacles and learn of the harms that different drugs can cause. To begin, the game commences with moving your finger on the screen to left or right to determine the direction you want ‘The Eye’ to move towards.


Out of a total of 5 different stages, there are 8 levels to clear in each. Players have to successfully avoid all drugs enemies and reach the exit portal to be awarded all 3 stars!

Throughout the game, your aim is to avoid the drugs which take these forms:


By accident, if you did come into contact with the drugs, different reactions occur. The thought behind these arises from the negative side effects that happen to an abuser when he/she abuses drugs. Do play the game to find out how the side effects are brought virtually to life! However, you certainly would not want to experience these nasty effects in real life! Moreover, this game has a clever combination of 2D animations, deliberately designed and engineered to challenge you and your ‘sight’ skills!


‘Enemy Gallery’ is specially designed inside the app for educational purposes to allow players to explore the negative detrimental effects of drugs. The gallery offers short and concise information on various drugs!


By going through every stage in Aversion, it not only educates but also enlightens the gamers through each stage. My biggest takeaway from playing this game is my enhanced knowledge of the drugs. Indeed, most people abuse drugs with little knowledge of the harm they can cause. Having played this game, not only does it get interactive with the players, it forms an impression and reminds you of which drug character to avoid due to the side effects thereafter. Therefore, it sends a clear and strong message on how negative drugs are and why we should NEVER touch them!

Playing this game definitely has its perks. So, what’s the catch for this game?

Simply show off your skills by earning achievements through the stars!


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Hurry on today! “Aversion” is free for downloads on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store NOW!

All the best in winning the vouchers!

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