Australia Farmer’s Market – You Can’t Get Fresher Than That!

Australia is more than just friendly people, charming cities and beautiful scenery. When you are on the continent, soak in the amazing ambience of Australia’s vibrant Farmers’ Markets which sell everything from fresh produce to hand-crafted gifts and even high fashion. Religiously set up every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, I paid a visit to Jan Power’s Farmer Market while I was Brisbane city. Operating from 6am to 12pm at the forecourt of Brisbane Powerhouse, this market ranks 22nd in Australia and 1st in Queensland for Gourmet Traveller’s Top 100 Gourmet Experiences Poll 2010!


Unlike the usual supermarket our moms go to, visiting Jan Power’s Powerhouse Farmers Markets does more than just filling up the fridge. You get to talk face to face with very people behind their produce produce. I suddenly get this awesome feeling of getting really connected with my food!


With over 120 stalls showcasing the best produces from all over Queensland Australia, there is no need to make hasty decisions.


Not on the usual tourists’ die die must visit attraction list, many patrons of the Farmers’ Market are the local folks. They come here to compile the perfect picnic, source ingredients for an exotic recipe or simply whip up a nutritious meal for their loved ones back home. 


Once they are done with their quick quality control scans, buyers make a beeline for a makeshift counter to make payment. Debit and credit cards are unfortunately not accepted so make sure you bring enough cash!


Fruits stalls never fail to grab my attention with their bright, cheerful colours. I could not resist getting a box of fresh strawberries as light snacks for later.


You can’t help but chuckle at some of the price tags.


Meat lovers are not neglected at this market. Freshly slaughtered meat are kept fresh in refrigerated carts and will only be taken out upon request.


Australians producers are proud of their wares. This fishmonger was practically flaunting his prized stocks out on the main walkway and some of the conversations he sparked off with passers-by were really entertaining.


I personally enjoyed hanging out at the cart that sells locally produced jams and confits. I got to sample a wide variety of delicious flavours before making my purchase decision.


And of course the pastry stall was strategically positioned near it.


I always have a soft spot for muffins and cookies. Afternoon tea perhaps?


Flower lovers can frolic in the fresh offerings of the local florist.


Doing heavy duty grocery shopping under the hot sun can make one thirsty and hungry after a while.


There is no fear of going hungry in this market. Grilled Bratwurst anyone?


Bagels and sandwiches were also easily available.


Else if you are missing asian cuisine, you can always opt for some Chinese dumplings.


For the healthy conscious, a fat free Greek style yoghurt sounds good.


Kids are kept happy with sweet macaroons in every colour of the rainbow


or good old-fashion Popcorn! You get to sample first before buying too.


After a morning of grocery shopping, give yourself a nice pat on your back and grab a cup of coffee before heading back to rest.


Shopping at the farmers’ market was a rare and wonderful experience for urbanites like us Singaporeans. You get to see the pride in the eyes of the producers as they display their goods for sales. There are room for bargaining but you wouldn’t bear to go too low. Looking to relive my experience? Here’s the full details of this bustling open air market that sells quality, fresh farm produce, flowers, gourmet cheeses, breads, artisan products, fine meats, local fish, poultry, oils, jams and biscuits, pasta, local wines, wild honey, living herbs and plants:

Jan Power’s PowerHouse Farmers Market

Address: The Brisbane Powerhouse 119 Lamington Street, New Farm, Brisbane Australia

Operation Dates: 2nd & 4th Saturday every Month.

Operation Time: 6am – 12pm (Noon)


Facebook:  Jan Power’s Farmers Market

Twitter: @JPFarmersMarket

Have fun and remember to bring enough cash!

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