Apgujeong – Ladies Shopping & Dining Paradise

I was late for dinner yet again….. I must have been a lousy guest with bad judgement of travelling time to Raymond.

We met up at Hyundai Departmental Store entrance to in Agpujeong. It was only during conversations along the streets of Agpujeong later that I realised that the word ‘Hyundai’ have been pronounced wrongly by Singaporeans all this while. But it was no fault of the consumers, the Hyundai car tv commercials running in Singapore were wrong to begin with and we typically followed on. Shame on Hyundai Singapore marketers!

I expressed my preference to visit local designers stores for casual streetwear and Raymond knew just the place to bring me to! But first, we need to fill up our stomach.

Apgujeong boost a wide selection of themed restaurants and concept bars; everything from traditional korean to western-eastern fusion meals are available.

After much consideration, he brought to a rather expensive looking restaurant near the train station. But it serve a healthy bibimbap dish which uses barley as the staple instead of rice (No carbs!) at a very reasonable price!

Well it’s healthy and delicious but I do not feel satisfied after the meal. I still have quite abit of room for desserts. But no time for that now, I have to do some shopping!

Apgujeong is one of the hottest areas in Seoul for shopping. There are countless beautifully themed stores that carry an extremely wide range of products from high end luxury brands to discounted items, as well as accessories and shoes. The only drawback is that they are all catered for the ladies only! Arghh..

A significant number of shops here feature unique local designs and sell one-of-a-kind items thus making the area extremely popular among trendsetters.

After searching over 20 mins, we finally managed to chance upon a small area with a concentration of 5 to 6 shops selling men’s clothes and accessories. Thank god that the items they carry are worth the search. I complete my shopping with a flattering grey polo t-shirt and a cute baby blue short. These are like my best purchase in Seoul so far. 🙂

Raymond found some great bargains as well. There were really cool jeans going for very affordable prices and it looks great on him. But he decided to go on a cooling down period since I am heading back tomorrow evening to cover the remaining grounds.

We left Apgujeong at 9.30pm as I had to rush over to meet a friend in Seoul at Coex Mall after his work. Yes, that’s right he finish work at 10pm.

That’s one thing I realised in Seoul, work commitment seem to be a really big thing here. Singaporeans can be ambitious, aggressive and workaholics but we complain just as hard about it and it never takes centrestage in our lives. In Seoul, work seem to be something that they are proud of and they seem ‘happy’ to tell you that ‘oh I can’t make it, I have work commitments etc’

Strange but anyway I only made it back to Itaewon via cab at around 1am after the meet up.

Given that cab drivers usually are not willing to drive up the slope leading to Raymond’s place, I was pretty worried about walking the quiet lanes back alone. But surprisingly I was overcome by the odd calmness of the night’s silence and admiring the beauty of the hilly lanes that fear and ghostly tales failed to creep in.

Tomorrow will be the last full day in Seoul. I am falling in love with the city and I really hate to have to say goodbye.


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