Advantages and Disadvantages Of 3 Popular Travel Modes

Want to travel the world, but can’t decide your mode of travel? Today is your lucky day because we are going to share our opinion of 3 of the most common modes of travelling and highlight to you their respective advantages and disadvantages. Read it, learn it, and choose the best mode of travel that best suit your next trip!

1. Car

If you wish to soak in a country’s scenery, going for a road trip in a car is definitely a great option. But as everything in the world, this mode of travel does have its hits and misses.

Choosing a car as your mode of travel means you will be able to go everywhere you want and whenever you wish too. By being the driver yourself, you would be able to avoid the numerous delays that often happen to flights and trains. Plus there is no luggage limit when you are travelling in your own car. Pack as much as you want and savour the gorgeous view right from your car window!

But downside can happen if your car is a little bit old. Having a ride that breaks down often can be a trip killer because you have to repair it constantly along the way. To avoid that, you should pay more to rent a relatively newer car. Hotwire offers such cars, and along with special online coupons for Hotwire from Chameleonjohn you can reduce the price of renting it as well.

Another problem with road trips is the exhaustingly long hours of driving. Especially if you are the designated driver most of the time. Your eyes will hurt, your back will be sore and you just have to literally keep your eyes on the road every day. To reduce the toil, you may want to invest in some of the best car seat cushions. If that doesn’t bother you, the car is the way to travel for you.

2. Airplane

Travelling by plane can definitely be a fun adventure for everybody. You get to zoom across the globe just by spending a couple of hours in the sky. Flights are definitely the way to go for long distance travel on a strict timeline. Planes are great because they are one of the most relaxing ways to travel. You can read a book, watch movies or listen to music and there’s no worry about the traffic.

However, being on the planes also mean that you have to deal with noisy people, small children and fit all your essentials in one small luggage. For budget travellers, the high cost of tickets can be a turn-off.

3. Ship

Travelling by the water on a cruise ship is great for folks who are looking for a calm and relaxing trip. There are no delays because ships tend to leave on time and you have the entire ship ready for your pleasure! You can try your luck at the casino, watch plays and concerts, dine at fancy restaurants and suntan beside your deck pool while travelling to your destination. Usually, cruises are much cheaper than flying too. So your wallet is spared.

But cruises do have their disadvantages too. If you are a person with a weak stomach and get sea sick easily, this mode of travel is not for you. Weather sometimes plays an important part of the activities that you can enjoy onboard the ship.

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