A Weekday Stroll Along Chennaites’ Elliot Beach

Before we head to Chennai International Airport, my colleague and I were given one last chance to visit a non hotel or shopping mall attraction that’s along the way. Since we were at a coastal city, I suggested taking a glimpse of one of the local beaches. Half an hour of driving later, we arrived at Elliot’s Beach (named after Edward Elliot, Governor of Madras), also popularly known as Besant Nagar Beach or simply Bessie. 


Being one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai, it is a popular weekend chill out place for the local youths as well as families. The beach was calm and tranquil on the weekday but there were tell-tale signs of the vibrant weekend scene.


Hmmm .. Not sure if this was a makeshift beach volleyball court.


The amusement rides on the beach can’t be found in many modern cities today. Instead of relying on convenient electricity, they are powered manually by human strength. This dismantled Ferris Wheel is probably serviced by one or two staffs during operation.


Saw the lever at the centre of the Merry-Go-Round? No electrical energy! Chennaites are serious about going green.


Each ride on the Merry-Go-Round were beautifully hand painted.


Despite the hot afternoon sun, a small group take pleasure in a local game under the shade.


Others enjoy a lazy afternoon nap on the inviting warm sands.


Walking further down the coast, it is impossible to miss the Kaj Schmidt Memorial. This architectural landmark commemorates an European sailor who drowned while trying to save the lives of others in 1930. Unfortunately, it has not been maintained over the years.


Other than the amusement rides & historical monuments, the beach does not offer much activity. But it is ideal for relaxing long walks with pets, romantic strolls or jumping straight into the waters of the Bay of Bengal.


Once done hanging out on the beach, tired beach goers can dine at any of these beach fronting restaurants that lined the main road.


It was a pity that we were not aware of The Ashtalakshmi Temple and The Velanganni Church in the vicinity. If you are ever round the corner, you definitely must pay a visit to these 2 religious heritage sites. I must admit that my post does not do justice to this lovely beach, you should check out the beach on a weekend or read eatwitheyes.com post on how the beach comes alive during events.

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