A Perfect Mix Of Tourism And Sport For Travel Lovers

Sightseeing and sport could be a perfect mix for someone whose passion is focused on practicing exercise or watching live matches or on TV. During the year, several sport events are celebrated around the world so you can take advantage of this: you can visit a country and enjoy a football or tennis match in the field.  It is said that what you feel if you attend an important sport event, you will never forget it, so, why don´t you think about trying this emotion in 2014? Some of the most important competitions are the following:

1. World Cup in Brazil

Don´t lose the opportunity of visiting the football capital and experience the World Cup Live among sublime beaches. It will start in June so there is time enough to plan the trip. You won´t regret it!

Brazil World Cup Soccer - AspirantSG

2. Australian Open

For the tennis lovers, it is a compulsory meeting.  In addition to seeing  exotic animals such as kangaroos or koalas and going for a walk through the jungle, you can attend for a one of the most important championship of this kind of sport. It will take place in July.

Australian Open - AspirantSG

3. Rugby Seven

Hong Kong is the chosen place to celebrate this world championship in 2014. You can discover Asiatic culture and costumes while you enjoy the biggest rugby event in the world.  This tournament takes three days and the first one is the 28th March.

Rugby Seven - AspirantSG

4. Major League Baseball

Baseball is one of the most important sports in USA. A lot of people who choose United States to go for holidays decide to attend a baseball match lively, to feel the emotion that this sport causes.

Baseball Leagues - AspirantSG

5. Antarctic Marathon

But if you are a runner and you want to experiment new experience and to get impossible challenges, you should think about join marathon which is celebrated in Antarctica each year. With only ice around you, you will run through a white desert, and the temperature would not be hotter than 20 degrees.

Ice Marathon - AspirantSG

These are just some of the most important sport celebrations which will take place in 2014. As you can see, you could travel around the world following only these kind of events. Would you dare to do it?

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