7th Month Hungry Ghost Festival Webseries: Peter’s Choice

During the 7th month hungry ghost festival, people go out of their way NOT to make choices. Did you know that some intentionally try to minimise their “risk” by going outside less? And others choose to put off and NOT purchase clothes or shoes during this period , as to do so is considered unlucky and bad? With all of these “beliefs” resulting in most retail outlets in Singapore experiencing a slump in consumer spending? (Don’t quote me on this. My data is purely empirical, but ask any blog shop owner and you’ll see what I mean)…Or is NOT making a “choice” a choice in itself?ahh, I digress..

So as such, continuing our mini web series of short stories to mark the 7th Month hungry ghost festival, this week, we explore “Choice”. The freedom to choose is a natural right of all conscious beings. We choose what we eat, what we wear and what we do. But sometimes, the choice isn’t that obvious. And some are made on instinct without a second’s thought or consideration.

Sit back (or stretch out on that empty MRT seat next to you), crank up the volume and enjoy “Peter’s Choice”. In it, you will find our main protagonist, Peter , having to make one. A relatively simple one that turns out to be……

Paul Goh made his choice by shooting this video. For more of his videos he can be found here : 201 productions.

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