7 Ways To Unplug Your Kids From Everyday Lifestyle Gadgets

Overexposure to technology and gadgets can lead to child attention problems, poor academics, aggression, family conflict, impaired sleep, developmental delays, attachment disorders, impaired body image, obesity and early sexuality.  Kids who are addicted to the use of everyday electronic devices shows the following signs – withdrawal, unintended use, persistent desire, time spent, displacement of other activities, and continued use. Although American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one to two hours per day of combined technology use, many of our kids in Singapore are using way more than that! Here are 7 simple ways to unplug the use of technology and gadgets from your kids for the perfect childhood.

1. Prepare Family Jaunts Weekly

Kids, they see, they inquire, they request, they discover and they learn. Rather than relaxing on a holiday, plan the day out with your kids to a didactic excursion.

You can plan a day away to an auditorium, nature park, archeological monument, aquarium or planetarium. Assign different tasks to the lads for the day and be supportive in their doings. The ideas will surly keep the kids away from engagement with those redundant gadgets.

2. Pay Money For Toys Not Gadgets

Young minds are snooping and will engage themselves in anything you provide them with. As an alternative to gadgets, favor buying toys and similar game models.

With technological playthings like computer, video games and television, you will only restrict the potential of a developing mind. On the other hand, simple and colorful toys will allow the curious mind to create their own imaginative world with ideas.

3. Make Storytelling A Bedtime Routine:

Remember, when your mother embraced you with a bedtime story. Still etched in your mind!

Give your kids with that unchanged adoration and love. Let the tiny tots create their own inspired dream world with your innovative bedtime stories. As they mature, the reading habit will develop into a quality hobby and will add to their love for books.

4. Stipulated Time For Technology

In current times, you cannot segregate technology from learning. However, you can balance them with scheduled practice.

Set limited time interludes for the kids to employ gadgets like computer, laptops or smartphone. Arrange the stipulated time as a reward for their study tasks. Conversely, you too need to tag on to what you preach to your kids.

5. Engage Them In Crafts And Drawings

One special craze I remember from my infancy is the ardor I had for painting and drawing. I used to splurge myself in sketch books for hours and hours.

Formulate activities like painting and craft as a customary routine. Assign your lads with weekly craft projects that employ his or her skills in drawing, designing and writing. The practice will encourage your kids with new artistic observation and imaginative intelligence.

6. Bring Your Tiny Tots Closer To The World Of Cooking

If you kid is too choosey about his eating habits, let him engage in the kitchen. Just make him sit next to you and trail your doings. With this he will feel his participation in cooking and surely love to gobble what he has prepared.

The activity will be an important lesson about food preparations, team work and healthier eating habits.

7.  Learn From Nature

Insufficient playtime in the outdoors might be a major reason why the kids engage themselves with gadgets. As an alternative, take the young lads to the parks or outdoors, where they can enjoy themselves rather stressing their brains with computers.

If it is not possible to take time out in parks, you can arrange a playground for them in your own backyard, but do give them space to spend time with other people and the outdoors, it is more refreshing and healthier for them.

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