7 Reasons Why You Should Get The Sony Alpha 7 Camera

Imagine if you will, that you have 2 younger brothers. Both newer, sharper and loaded with features than you don’t have. And to make matters worse, all 3 of you look the same, all with the same form factor ( much smaller than the other 35mm full frame cameras out there). One brother, “R” , has 36.3 megapixel resolution and the other , “S” , has amazing 400,000+ ISO and records video in 4K resolution.  All things that the you (the “7” ) do not have. You pale in comparison against them.

As the oldest sibling, what can you possibly offer then?

That to me is what I would imagine the Sony A7 feels when compared to his 2 younger brothers , the A7R and A7S.

But despite having said all this, I feel that the SONY A7 is actually the camera that you should get. It may be beaten hands down in 3 different departments by it’s younger brothers, but that’s not the main thing here.

It doesn’t pretend to be a specialist in either video or resolution. It doesn’t have to be. As it is, the A7 already does both really well. It is the “Goldilocks” of the family, the sensible one, producing eye-popping images and video good enough to keep you and me more than satisfied with the results at the end of the day. It gets the job done. With aplomb.

Being a mirrorless full frame, it’s also ridiculously small and handy, making it a perfect travel companion. And with the introduction of it’s 2 newer siblings, it presently stands at a good price point.

In the video review, we list the reasons why the A7 deserves you attention and we share with you how it stacks up against his own family members and the other cameras available in the market presently. We also showcase a real life example of a total DSLR noob that took the Sony A7 for a trip and came back with some pretty impressive shots.

And for all you list freaks, here’s one for you to print out and paste on your wall with all the camera’s specifications


Heck, my cat Ginger, loves it anyways.

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