5 Reasons Why This Is The Real Estate Platform That Everyone in Singapore Deserves

Information technology and apps are all the rage-hype now. We don’t deny that laziness is the mother of all inventions, because we definitely love tools that help us cut out all the hard work, straight to the point to get whatever we want. When we talk about selling off your house or looking to buy a new property in Singapore, what is the first problem that springs up to mind? 2 immediate concerns – Inconvenience, Trust Issues

We’ll touch on inconvenience. There are thousands of properties listed on Singapore’s most popular platforms such as Propertyguru and simply posting your property up for sale will add it to the sea of links, ensuring that your link will be lost within a matter of minutes. How will people be able to find your genuinely good property if it does not get the recognition it deserves? There’s also the problem of having to source for an accurate valuation for your property and having to settle paperwork issues together with your real estate agent.

Secondly, trust issues. Most people are afraid that they might get “eaten” up by sly, clever businessmen who know how to undercut prices and sell it at a higher price for greater profit. This is a problem in most platforms as sellers who genuinely need to liquidate their house quickly are often forced to reduce their price lower and lower to the point where it becomes a hot sale and many businessmen rush to snatch up their property for the sake of flipping profits.

We have recently attended a media release by BelowVal, which is founded for the sole purpose in solving these issues surfacing among the real estate market. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think every Singaporean deserves to use BelowVal for their real estate trading uses. It will make life that much simpler, easier and hassle-free. Don’t say bojio!

1. Lists Only Below-valuation Properties

Taking the name literally, belowVal lists properties that are below market valuation. This ensures you as the buyer, that you are looking at property prices which make sense to you, and you will not be paying an excess premium for a house that should not be sold higher than it’s valuation. It also makes sense to the seller as it gives an honest signal to buyers that according to the valuation market, all properties listed on BelowVal are truly below valuation, making the trade much more easier and trustworthy.

2. Enjoy Clean & Neat Platform

Unlike other real estate platforms, belowVal removes all the clutter and noise by giving a clean and neat interface that goes straight to the point. You don’t have to worry about seeing the same advertisements by real estate agents and thousands of listing – what you need from the search list is what you will specifically get, without any upselling or presentations by “other” searches.

3. Simple & Easy Communication

Once both buyer and seller on belowVal are interested, they can directly communicate with one another to discuss more into details and negotiate during a meet-up. Customers are also updated with new properties listed below valuation on belowVal. The fact that the price has been stipulated there, and the common knowledge that it is truly below valuation, will make negotiations and offers very straightforward and easy. No quarrels, no “smoke bombs”, no misunderstandings.

4. Genuine buyers and sellers

Due to the platform being able to analyse market valuations and ensure that your property listed MUST be below valuation, you can be rest assured that all buyers browsing through your property are genuine ones who are sincere about buying your property since it is already below valuation. Sellers, in the same tune, are listing their property below valuation so there is no moral hazard around to be afraid of eg. Scams, over-valuation concerns.

5. Sell To Sincere Buyers, Not Big Property Players

One of the major problems in the real estate market is that when you get desperate to sell your house quickly in a short period of time (because you really need the money), you end up striking your price lower, and lower, and lower. This increases the popularity of your link on cluttered platforms because it suddenly starts to stand out from the thousands of listing when people notice your amazingly LOW price. Big property players will start contacting you because of this sweet deal.

At belowVal, you do not have to worry about setting your property price so low to the point where you need to attract attention fast. Although listed below valuation, it is by a very reasonable amount where you still can sell at your comfortable price and it will be much more likely to attract sincere buyers who are looking to buy properties for their personal use.

Give it a try today, there’s no harm in using Singapore’s most clean, efficient and systematic real estate app to solve your trade issues! For more information, users can access www.belowVal.sg or visit them on Facebook

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