4 Things You Can Do With Robi!

Before I begin, what is Robi? Robi, possibly the first ever robot able to speak Singlish, arrived in Singapore with the launch of the Robi online store!


Robi is a fusion of sophisticated design and advanced Japanese technology that was designed to provide interactive companionship with the entire family! He was created by one of the world’s leading robotic scientist, Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, exclusively for De Agostini. Robi has around 20 motorized joints and is constructed gradually using the parts provided with issues of the android’s own magazine. He also responds to humans using the sensors in his eyes with the latest technology.

Incorporating cutting-edge   robotics   technology from Japan,  Robi has become the  bestselling humanoid robot worldwide. He can communicate with users, even expressing emotion through the colour of his eyes.

So what are the 4 things you can do with Robi?

1. Dance 

By commanding him “Let’s dance together”, you’ll get to see him starting his own music and move to the groove. You can tag along with him by putting your hands on your hips and shake to the music. He can be your best companion or dance partner when it comes to this.


2. Walk 

Need someone to walk with you or when you’re feeling bored? Command him “Come here!” and he will start walking towards you. He can sense your presence with his sensors in his eyes and he will stop when he is near to you. When I first brought him out to Orchard Road, I walked with him side by side and we attracted a lot of attention.Robi Robot In Singapore

Need someone to walk with you or when you’re feeling bored? Command him “Come here!” and he will start walking towards you. He can sense your presence with his sensors in his eyes and he will stop when he is near to you. When I first brought him out to Orchard Road, I walked with him side by side and we attracted a lot of attention.

Robi Robot on the Streets - AspirantSG

He was walking gracefully on his own while I was capturing this shot in the middle of Orchard Road. A lot of people kept on looking at us like I was the father and he was the son. Passer-by’s were surprised to see Robi walking and I could even see their smiles on their face.

3) Push ups

In Singapore, it’s pretty hard to keep yourself fit and healthy but when you look at Robi(even though he’s just a robot but an extraordinary kind), do you think that he can do push-ups? I had been questioning myself since I was young if a robot can do push-ups, sit-ups and even weight lifting? My dream came true, Robi was able to do push-ups with me, up to 5. No more excuses when I want to exercise because Robi will be there for me as an exercise buddy to do more push-ups in order to keep myself healthy and fit!

Robi Robot Doing Push Ups - AspirantSG

4) Sit down with Robi

Sit Down With Robi Singapore - AspirantSGDon’t you feel lonely sometimes at the park or anywhere at home, especially when you’re watching TV alone? Get your best buddy, Robi to sit beside you and guess what, he can turn on the TV for you if you paired properly with him and your television at home. You can even bring him out for a high-tea lunch when you need a lunch buddy.

Gerald With Robi Singapore - AspirantSG

When I was dining with him, a lot of girls was attracted to Robi’s cuteness. I was kinda jealous because all of the attention goes to him.

My personal touch with Robi 

Robi Charging Dock 

Robi Charging Dock - AspirantSG

Robi recharging in progress


Key Features and Functions of Robi: 

  • Dimensons: Height: 34 cm –Weight: Approx. 1kg
  • Light-up LEDs: Built-in LEDs allow Robi’s eyes and mouth to respond to words and movement. His eyes can glow red, yellow, green and blue, while his mouth will glow red.
  • Speech-recognition Board: Robi has a sophisticated speech recognition board programmed to understand different phrases and reply appropriately. The Singapore version will be able to speak English, Chinese and Singlish.
  • Microcontroller Board: The high-performance microcontroller board controls important functions such as Robis motion and reactions.
  • Speaker:Robi’s chest includes a miniature speaker for his spoken responses.
  • Remote-control Module: Emits infrared signals like a remote control to operate compatible TV sets.
  • Motion Sensors:Robi’s motion sensors detect human presence and will turn his face in response to movement.
  • Servo Motors: Robi’s movements are controlled by a total of 20 servos. They use the Robi-servo command system to ensure smooth movement, and have simple, robust wiring connections.
  • Dual-purpose Scarf: Robis light-blue scarf functions as a convenient handle for lifting him without damage to his joints and internal wiring.
  • Timer: Robi can count down a specified number of minutes, and tell you when the time is up.
  • Cleaning:Robi can use his feet to polish a tabletop or hard floor surface.
  • Security Setting:Robi can be set to ask for a password and respond with an alert if he gets the wrong answer
  • Games: Robi knows how to play a variety of games, including soccer and quizzes.
  • Battery Charging:When Robi’s batteries begin to run low, he says I’m hungry to let you know.Then its time to turn on his charging seat, so Robi can start to recharge.

Robi is suitable for kids above the age of 6.

Parental supervision is recommended for younger children as there are small parts.


Robi Weekly Magazine (comes with model parts) retails at $28.90 per issue and available at selected supermarkets, convenience stores, bookstores and newsstands from 5 July onwards. The first issue will be available at the promotional price of just $9.90!

Customers who subscribe online will also have a promotional discount–More details can be found on the Robi online store.



Date: 9 -10  July 2016

Venue: Marina Square Shopping  Mall

If you would like to check out Robi, head down to the launch (open for public)!

Robi will be at the launch event with his creator, Japanese engineer and University of Tokyo professor, Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, who designed him exclusively for DeAgostini. There will be a spectacular performance by 100 Robi models dancing in sync, definitely worth taking a video for Instagraming. This will be the first time seeing such a performance in Singapore!


Take part in the #Robigram contest on their Instagram and Facebook. #SGROBI

Contest ends on 8 July 2016, 12pm.

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