3 Fantastic Tips For Savings Money On Food

We are living in a world where saving money is now crucial to living and surviving, this includes the food we put inside of us. In the USA people are using food stamps to feed their families as parents are going without and skipping meals to feed their children. This shouldn’t happen since there are plenty of ways to save money if you had the time to browse around and look into deals and other ways to save and stamp down prices.

1. Couponing For The USA

This has actually made to the television with programs such as Extreme Couponing, this is what opened peoples eyes to couponing, so some people it is now a way of life with savings in the thousands.

Some families on the show buy thousands of dollars worth of items and manage to get the totals down to just a couple of dollars! This does not mean you have to follow suit, many of these people are preppers. It is possible to search the Internet and locate coupons to download and print out, there are plenty of forums online where people share them, you can also ask family and friends to cut them out from papers. Many people on the show ask whole neighbourhoods to save the papers from the recycle box and go around collecting them up!

This is definitely something worth considering as voucher codes can be found with a simple search in Google.

2. The UK’s Food Aid & Banks

As the UK is restricted to use one voucher code per customer, people in the UK have to save in other ways, there are numerous charities within the United Kingdom that help, these are called food banks. These places rely on donations from companies, people with spare food and more. Once such charity is Barakah Food Aid which is based in Manchester where the community itself keeps the charity running and families in desperate need can receive a food parcel.

Although the UK is limited to one voucher per person, do not rule this out, even if it is a a couple of pounds off, that money can go somewhere else and in many cases, every little helps!

3. Cooking Fresh Foods In Bulk

This is a universal trick and works in many places worldwide. Fresh organic foods are cheap to buy in bulk, my tip is to get a lot of recipes from the Internet or books and even create your own. Spend one Sunday cooking a weeks worth of food, the upside to this is you can cook extremely healthy dishes, let’s face it, cooking from ground zero will mean you know what is in it and you can cut out all of the preservatives.

Using a slow cooker can feed a family for a good few days, creating stews, curries and more! This is especially good for students who we all know are on very tight budgets, I myself used this method and saved money as I used it twice a week to cook my dinners for around 7-9 days, add this up over a period of one months and look at the savings!

Don’t forget, for bigger families you can buy food storage tubs and store the food in the freezer to make it last longer.

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