20 Cute & Adorable Food Dishes To Go Aww.. Before You Eat Them

Food does make people happy. Other than the taste, some chefs and home makers went the extra mile to create beautiful and adorable food dishes that will make you go Aww… once you see them! As much as we would love to pretend that these are great ideas to make kids eat but we all know too well that we would be jumping for joy when presented with adorable panda-shaped pau or a plate of rabbit-shaped pastries.

1. Go Chicky

Cute Chicken Eggs - AspirantSG

2. Dim Sum Panda

Panda Pau River Safari Singapore - AspirantSG
Photo from Angie Is A Girl

3. Pastry Bunnies

Pastry Rabbits - AspirantSG

4. Kitty Toast

Kitty Toast - AspirantSG

5. Rabbit Bento

Rabbit Bento - AspirantSG

6. Lovers’ Breakfast 

Romantic Food Art - AspirantSG

7. Cow Home For Lunch

Happy Cows For Lunch - AspirantSG

8. Soba Totoro

Saba Toroto - AspirantSG
Photo from Little Miss Bento

9. Bread Cats

Bread Cats - AspirantSG
Photo from Bored Pals

10. Birdie Snacks

Birdie Snack - AspirantSG
Photo from Kixcereal

11. Beary Rice

Beary Rice

12. Puss Donuts

Cat Donuts - AspirantSG

13. Llama Curry

llama Curry - AspirantSG

14. Sleeping Cats Sandwiches

Sleeping Cats Sandwiches - AspirantSG

15. Polar Bear Hot Pot

Polar Bear Hot Pot - AspirantSG

16. Panda Sushi

Panda Sushi - AspirantSG

17. Vegetable Stew Teddy

Vegetable Stew Teddy - AspirantSG

18. Pork Buns

Porky Buns
Photo from Disney Tourist Blog

19. Water Mochi Bear

Water Mochi - AspirantSG
Photo from Follow Me To Eat La

20. Ice Kitty Kitty

Hello Kitty Mago Ice - AspirantSG

Have you ever made or eaten a cute and adorable food dish? If so, do share with us in the comments section below!

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