10 Tips for People Who Travel All the Time

Is it possible to travel for back-to-back weeks without going a little stir crazy? Some of the world’s busiest musicians know a thing or two about endless travel. Here are hard-earned tips that every traveller can learn from.

1. Pack Lightly With Essential Gadgets

If you’re going to be using your computer a lot during your trip, bring a backup method, even if that means needing a second computer. If you lose your laptop or it gets stolen, your entire trip could be ruined. When you’re travelling for work, you’ll be at a loss if you try to get by without work necessities.

2. Stay On Local Time

To conquer jet lag, force yourself to stay on local time when you land, even if that means forgoing your usual bed time. You may be exhausted that first day, but you’ll quickly get on local time, which will make your entire trip that much better.

3. Prepare Entertainment

Bring along easy-to-carry entertainment. Even a pair of dice or a pack of playing cards can provide a distraction when you’re on a long flight, at a layover or stuck in the car during a cross-country road trip. Otherwise, playing and singing along to your favourite songs can be quite fun. It is important that you choose the best car amplifier for the best experience.

4. Keep Your Perk Me Up Close

If you’re hopping into a car for a road trip, bring two cups of coffee. Put the second cup in a container that will keep it warm for hours. That way, you won’t have to pull off the road in an hour once you’ve finished your first cup. Or tea bags if you are a tea lover.

5. Be Open To Learn

Be prepared to learn a lot about the people you’re traveling with. Even if you thought you knew them well before, you’re going to get a lot closer during your travels. The longer your trip, the better you’ll know them by the end of it.

6. Kill Your Expectations

Never expect to be comfortable. This is important when you travel a lot for work. That way, when something is comfortable, like a seat on the plane, hotels in Boston or a cheap hotel room, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

7. Travel Like The Locals

Take public transportation. This is the best way to save money and it will really get you in tune with your destination. Don’t be afraid to ask locals for help, either. Most people are willing to help.

8. Have Your Comfort Items

No matter how light you want to keep your luggage, don’t forget comfort items. Can you get through a trip with allergies? Sure, but your allergy medicine will help you feel a lot better. Do you have to write every night? No, but if it’s one of your favourite pastimes, it’s worth it to bring your journal along.

9. Have A Good Read

Bring thick books that will hold your attention. Ideally, take books that you don’t mind leaving behind. When you’re finished reading, you can leave it at the hotel or airport for someone else to enjoy.

10. Beauty Rest Is Important

Pack a sleep mask. Even if you’re going to vow to only sleep at night, you never know when a roommate will insist that you sleep with the TV on or when a nearby light is shining through your window.

To travel successfully when you have a long trip ahead of you, you’ll want to make sure your body remains healthy, that your relationships back home remain intact and that you make the most of your time spent on the road.

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